Décor Your Home Deck With Bamboo

Bamboo is not something which pops into mind when one thinks of decks! The vision that hovers is that of a wide horizon, the sound of gull cries, the waves crashing against the boulders or you looking out at the verdant greenery as the case may be. What does not change in either case scenario is the vision of the wide gleaming deck, smooth, rich and absolutely inviting probably made of Cedar or some other exotic woods.

Why not give the humble Bamboo a chance to shine and enhance the beauty of your house? Bamboo is harder than Pine and Maple; it has clear grains. Bamboo can be cleaned and stained to one’s utmost satisfaction.

Types of Bamboo to Choose for the Deck

There are basically two kinds of bamboo, sold for the purpose of building a deck, Solid laminated lengths and Strand woven pieces.

Solid Laminated Lengths:

This is the preferred material while constructing a deck. The boards for the deck are made from long lengths of bamboo. The boards are then laminated with glue. The solid laminated length bamboos become more stable and do not split or break easily. The bamboos are normally kiln dried.

These solid laminated length bamboos come with a long term guarantee. One can get a guarantee period of 20 years if being used for residential purpose.

Strand Woven Bamboo:

One has to be careful when one intents to buy woven strands. There is often a danger of fibers and bamboo chips getting compressed, rendering the boards unstable. In contrast to Solid Laminated Boards, the stand woven bamboo flooring tends to split and crack easily.

Climate Affects the Deck:

Remember that the bamboos are most used in tropical countries. If you belong to the tropical place, you need not worry much about the longevity of the wood. However, if one lives in the regions where there are excess rains or harsh winters, it pays to invest some time to make your board durable and long lasting.

People living in moisture rich places or cold places would do well for the boards by sealing it on all six sides. Coat the top surface and allow for some ventilation beneath the boards.

Maintenance of the Bamboo Decking:

Maintenance of bamboo is a very important process to prolong its life. As the deck is exposed to elements, it is common for it to collect dust and grime. A regular washing of bamboo decking with warm water and mild soap is all that required to maintain it.

home decor with bamboo