Environment Advantages Of Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring has been an ideal route for environment friendly consumers since it is a plant, not a tree and therefore is a renewable resource . After every harvest, the plant will re-grow to be gathered again, while an oak tree for example, won't. Bamboo plants only take 5 years to reach maturity when it reaches 50 ft high while traditional hardwood takes a minimum of 30 years and sometimes taking up to two centuries.

Bamboo flooring is really resilient, it doesn't dent, scratch or put on as rapidly and simply as traditional hardwood floors. There is a smaller amount needed for repair and maintenance. It is also a more eco-friendly material as it requires less chemicals to wash and repair which eco conscious customers will notice.

Bamboo is treated with mildew and insect resistant solutions to adjust to places where you have to be worried of termites. It is also a great choice for areas where there is a lot of moisture in the air. Eco conscious customers need not to worry because this method is performed securely and without the utilization of harsh chemicals.

Customers nowadays have become more aware and concerned about the environment and thus designers have also been increasingly attuned to environmental issues. There is an increase in the number of people who choose to embrace bamboo flooring because of all the "eco-friendly" qualities it possesses.

A number of people view bamboo as a wood product when in fact, it is a grass plant rather than a tree. Since it's a grass plant bamboo actually differs in appearance when compared to other traditional floorings. Bamboo flooring is generally light however darker shades are also available. The tight grain feature that bamboo floor mats possess enables the colors to be ultimately the same, a quality that makes bamboo flooring easier to complement.

Bamboo is light in color and some people might think it is not suitable for interior design but bamboo can also be dimmed with the use of carbonization. This is a process where steam and pressure turns the sugar in bamboo to a darker color. Often times this process will turn the bamboo into a honey brown color. Further developments have enabled us to stain bamboo in a variety of colors. In fact, there are over thirty different styles and shades available which means, something for everybody.

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