Install Bamboo Flooring 4 Reasons

Recently bamboo flooring is gaining much response and has become favorable flooring choice for almost every room in home. Not only it looks stunning but also bamboo is comparatively cheap compared to other types of hardwood floorings. The elegant yet distinctive grain pattern and natural color of bamboo adapts to almost any décor themes and helps a great deal in bringing authenticity and beauty to entire interior décor of home. If you still have not considered installing bamboo flooring in your property then here are few reasons why you should do it.

How Bamboo Flooring Is Advantageous

  • For Durability and Hardness: When it comes to durability and hardness then bamboo is considered as one of the prime flooring options comparative to its rivals of hardwood and laminated floors. Tests and studies have already proven that mature bamboo is actually much harder than red oak and little harder than maple, that is commonly used in US homes for flooring. Being tropical grass bamboo is natural water and moisture resistant that protects floor from denting, gaping, cupping and wrapping increasing its durability in many folds. With good care and regular maintenance bamboo floors can last by maintaining their natural look for more than 25 years.
  • For Environment Friendliness: When other flooring material emits hazardous formaldehyde and certain other chemicals, bamboos is not known to emit anything like that keeping your floor and home environment safe. Being highly renewable bamboo grows from the cut sprout without need of replanting within 3 years for usability and needs six years for complete maturity. When trees need 20 to 30 years for growing to their maturity bamboo certainly needs less time and few efforts for its regrowth.
  • For Ease of Installation: When most of the other flooring material requires high precision and extra costs for installation, bamboo floorings can be installed easily and without much investment. As no finishing and special installation technique is required, even you can install bamboo floors with proper understanding and precise techniques. Being finished planks, you are ready to move you furniture without the need for insulation, drying, sanding or anything like that required for other flooring options.
  • For Ease of Maintenance: Compared to other flooring options bamboo flooring is easy to clean and effortless to maintain. As bamboo has natural allergen free properties, it does not harbor any allergens keeping you and your family free of any allergies. Using regular sweeping, mopping and cleaning techniques you can maintain look and texture of your bamboo floors as it is for years.
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