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The Charm of Herringbone Bamboo Flooring

They were fashionable a few decades ago and today they are back to the fray, enhanced by the Nordic style. The herringbone wood floors are classic and timeless. Discover which the keys of its charm are and why they captivate us without remedy.

The herringbone bamboo flooring is not something that arose two days ago. Rather it is a way of placing the wooden boards to form the pavements that is centuries old and had a boom in our country three or four decades ago. Today the wooden floors in spike are again trend. You want to know why?

Although many people may seem somewhat outdated, most of the users find them to be great, capable of creating a decorative effect. They love that way of structuring the floor zigzag, the purest Chevron style.

What are they and how are the wooden floors in herring installed?

Parquet is one of the most special and beautiful floors that can exist. It is a wooden pavement composed of slats (of one or the other measure) that are placed together to assemble a kind of platform on the floor. And one of the most stately, elegant and classic ways to place the material is to make it in spike.

The parquet in spike is that wooden floor whose slats are placed forming an angle of 90º. The result is a beautiful zig-zag composition that today conveys a great sense of elegance.

This type of herringbone wood floors originated in Europe back in the sixteenth century. In fact they are present in many palaces and historical buildings of the past that we have been able to visit. And for a long time that has happened, and although this type of floors has had high moments and others in which it has been seen more maligned, the parquet in spike is a timeless floor that never goes out of style.

With other materials

Until now the floors of wood used to be of massive boards, what is known as parquet. But now we can reproduce this layout scheme with other materials such as laminates or ceramic tiles that imitate wood and are available in elongated formats as if they were slats.

With either of these two materials we will achieve a very decorative and special effect. In addition, we will reduce the cost of work considerably. Keep in mind that the solid wood parquet that used to be installed so cheerfully is today a very expensive material to pave the floor.

When it comes to the installation of herringbone bamboo flooring, you have to know that the process is not too easy, so it is convenient to resort to an experienced professional. The most complicated thing is to pave the area of the doors (which must be removed beforehand and then adjusted so that they do not rub), cut the boards to the appropriate size when necessary, install the skirting boards, etc.

Therefore, do not complicate your life and resort to an expert if you want to install parquet and not die in the attempt. And the same happens with maintenance. These types of floors are quite resistant, but sooner or later there will come a time when you will realize that they need a good stamping and later varnishing. Think if trying to do it yourself (even if you are a handyman) is going to be a good idea.

How to achieve different effects with herringbone bamboo flooring?

The herringbone parquet imposes a very attractive visual scheme on the ground, capable of giving a great dynamism to any space. To begin with, we can differentiate our spike floor according to the way we want to install it. There are several options to place it, depending on the thickness, number, shape and length of the tables.

Another aspect that differentiates parquet floors in spike is the type of wood to choose, which directly affects the color. A lighter floor is very good, for example, Nordic spaces, bright and natural. The dark wood floors are perfect for classic and stately environments.

Also finishing is important. The natural wood is very suitable for rural and rustic style houses; the aged effect looks great in vintage air spaces and the varnished finish adds elegance.

Be that as it may, and choose the option you choose, get a nice herringbone wood floor for your home and enjoy it.

Herringbone Bamboo Flooring
Herringbone Bamboo Flooring
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