The Endless Benefits of Stranded Woven Bamboo Floors

Stranded woven bamboo flooring is one of the strongest and finest forms of flooring option in this league. Under this manufacturing process, the bamboo strips are cut into small portions which are then boiled into a solution of boric acid and water. This process helps to extract the sugar from bamboo which, otherwise, can attract termites. Then, these stripes are further compressed under high temperature with low VOC adhesives.

The stranded bamboo fabric has a hardness factor of over 2000 pounds force making it even harder and sturdier than walnuts, oak, ash and maple. It is a key advantage of the stranded woven flooring is that it is highly durable and robust. Furthermore, its qualities make it suitable for high traffic situations.

Bamboo is cut into strips which are then boiled in a solution of water and boric acid to extract sugars in bamboo that attract termites. Then, the strips are compressed in the presence of high temperatures with a low VOC adhesive.

Strand bamboo fabric has a hardness of over 2,000 pounds forcing making it more difficult than these hardwoods known as oak, walnut, ash, and maple. This is a key advantage of woven bamboo flooring, i.e., it is incredibly robust and durable and suitable for high traffic situations.

Strand bamboo flooring has recently been developed in recent years, a new type of green environmental material with high quality. Strand Bamboo Fabric is a woodworking process based on reorganization principles, treated with bamboo as raw material, a new bamboo floor board. Fabric strand is made up of bamboo beams that are broken into long and crosslinked fibers, then drying, bonding, and pressing to obtain the yarn log.

Stranded woven bamboo flooring features:

Eco friendly alternative to wood flooring

The stranded woven bamboo flooring is indeed one of the most environment friendly options as compared to other type of wood floors or even the engineered bamboo flooring to some extent. The material is quite affordable and this is why, it has gained worldwide acceptance throughout the world including India. The stranded woven flooring is said to last for a lifetime thus translating into higher saving in replacement and repairs of the house-owner. The natural stones, an alternative to bamboo flooring, is sturdy but not affordable as the bamboo flooring.

It doesn’t matters what kind of office or house you own and how much you are setting aside for flooring, there is always a better and reliable flooring element that the chosen floor covering.

It is elegant

When it comes to furniture and flooring, most of the house owners are looking for affordable yet good looking products available in the market. If you think that this type of flooring bamboo is tied and cut into shape together as a whole, then you are completely wrong. Stranded woven flooring is far away from the bamboo handles. This means, your house or home will no more have to suffer from greenish or whitish surface. You should understand that raw bamboo needs to undergo a lot of treatment, polishing, cleaning and other industrial process. The refined product you receive at the end is in line with the contemporary home or office furniture in terms of texture, design and elegance.

It is durable

Another reason why manufacturers often choose stranded flooring is that it is integrated with glue and bamboo and the quality of adhesive is a lot more than the bamboo strands. This in turn, makes the floors harden than you can imagine and there is no fear of wear, tear or bloating of the floor. Now this kind of flooring can definitely withstand a lot of traffic and burden as compared to regular flooring for a long time.

Wide range of options

Bamboo flooring is available in abundance. What’s more? It is even suitable for all kinds of rooms like living rooms, library or study room. Various colors and design options are available. The prefabricated floors as well as the stranded woven floors are available online as well as at the direct offline stores. Being a good insulator, bamboo floors saves you from extreme cold of winters and hotness of summers.

There are a few shortcoming of stranded woven floors but they are easily outnumbered by the benefits.

The Endless Benefits of Stranded Woven Bamboo Floors