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Bamboo Flooring- A Material of Versatile Application

Most bamboo used in the production of parquet, are made in China and other countries, where labor practices are questionable. Many foreign firms and factories simply do not have guidelines for honest work. In addition, China has neither state-established standards for the production of bamboo floors, nor air quality standards.

For these reasons, there is a high probability that toxic by-products are formed during the production of bamboo parquet and a large amount of energy is consumed. Many bamboo floors exported from China contain high levels of urea formaldehyde, which do not meet the safety standards in other countries.

Bamboo flooring: a trend of recent years thanks to its outstanding qualities that make it all like wooden parquet, but with more affordable prices. The yield is elegant and gives an exotic touch to every environment: a choice, in short, stylish, safe and, of course, friendly to the environment.

Do you want to find out what other strengths are all about? Let's explain it to you in the following lines: Go on reading!


1. Eco-sensitivity

2. Solidity

3. Flexibility

4. Waterproof-ness

5. Easy to maintain

6. Affordable price

7. Elegance


One of the features that make the bamboo flooring incredibly interesting is its extraordinary resistance to impact and traction, as well as its lightness and versatility. The bamboo flooring is, in fact, a material having a resistance which makes it comparable to the iron, surpassing the robustness of certain types of wood commonly used for the production of parquet.

Do not underestimate the ability of bamboo flooring to absorb vibrations thanks to its high flexibility and to be more water resistant than flooring made with other materials.


Bamboo's ability to regenerate reduces the risk of deforestation, which makes it absolutely eco-sustainable to choose bamboo parquet. Giant bamboo is in fact considered, in general, a great resource solution to address environmental issues. The bamboo flooring also has a great visual impact, revealing itself as a stylish and stylish choice. Not only! It is also economically advantageous: for the same quality, in fact, bamboo has a lower price compared to wood, which saves without sacrificing aesthetics.


Parquet is just one of the possible bamboo applications!

In architecture, however, innovative and sustainable bamboo- based solutions multiply day by day: not just floors, but also roofs, walls and entire homes that make the connection between accessibility, quality and eco-sustainability.

Care for bamboo parquet

The most important is to make sure that water is not collected on the floor, because this can lead to deformation. Wipe down the puddles quickly and thoroughly. Such areas as a sink and an ice maker should be covered with a small mat absorbing moisture.

Bamboo floors should be wiped or vacuumed daily, but never rub them with wax. If it's time to clean the floor more thoroughly, use only a damp mop - never pour water or cleansers directly onto the laminate. A layer of polishing will be enough to protect your floors from wear and tear for many years, but many types of bamboo flooring can be polished and polished for the rest of their lives, if necessary.

Under the feet of the furniture, place soft felt or plastic protectors to prevent scratches. Place the rugs in areas of the most intense movement, for example, in doorways - also a good idea.

In a region with high humidity, bamboo floors should not be used. During warm months, use the air conditioner to allow enough air in the room. Manufacturers also recommend to protect the floor from bamboo from direct sunlight, because from this floor can fade or change color.

Keep in mind: bamboo floors, despite all their strength and reliability, are not at all indestructible. Many manufacturers recommend never walking on bamboo in high-heeled shoes. A woman in such shoes renders a square inch the same pressure as a weight of 1 ton - this is enough to damage the parquet.

Bamboo Flooring- A Material of Versatile Application