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Bamboo Hardwood Flooring- The One You Should Choose for Your Home

The elegant look of hardwood flooring can add warmth and give a stamp to any room. Rich, inviting hardwood floorings offer timeless beauty and add value to your home at the time of resale. In addition, today, hardwood types are more varied and charming than ever.

Due to increased consumer demand for hardwood flooring, manufacturers are offering better quality finishes and using superior manufacturing techniques.

Bamboo Hardwood flooring is sensitive to moisture and is not generally recommended for basements or direct installation on a concrete slab.

The advantage of a cross construction is that the board will not expand or contract with moisture changes, making it very versatile. These coatings can be installed on the concrete slab of your basement as well as anywhere else in your home.

Types of Bamboo hardwood flooring

Bamboo Hardwood flooring is available in boards of different sizes. The width of the board can have a visual effect on the part. Most often, narrow boards will enlarge a room while larger boards will be more suitable for larger rooms.

Hardwood facing boards have a beveled or straight edge. The straight edge planks create a smooth, uniform surface and a general contemporary look, which gives a formal impression to the room. The beveled edge boards feature a distinctive groove and are suitable for informal or rural scenery. A beveled edge coating installed on an irregular subfloor forgives further, and you will not encounter the problem of adjacent planks of uneven height.

It is necessary to maintain a normal level of moisture in your home if you opt for hardwood flooring. Most manufacturers recommend a relative humidity of 40 to 60% at all times. Such a level can be achieved by using a humidifier or dehumidifier as required.

With all the choices available to you, you can be confident of finding the hardwood flooring quickly, beautifully and durably suited to your lifestyle. In recent years, the demand for Bamboo Hardwood flooring in India has grown significantly. It is a very positive development given the worldwide deforestation of (tropical) forests.

Bamboo- the flooring that is always in demand

Because of its rapid growth, bamboo is an almost inexhaustible resource and thus a particularly environmentally friendly alternative. Also, the raw material convinces the parquet flooring enthusiast, above all due to its excellent properties.

Just five years require a bamboo trunk until it is sufficiently cured to be "harvested." And in this crop, not even the stock is decimated:

When the individual rods are beaten, the growth does not die, but new stems are steadily growing since the roots are connected underground. These features make bamboo as one of the finest and easily available raw materials in the world.

Something for every taste

Due to the production method of bamboo parquet, namely by the length of the tube being split, the resulting strips are compacted and then glued with a resin system; it is not only very robust. Especially regarding optics, so much is possible, so that bamboo parquet leaves hardly any wishes left: As a floor covering, bamboo parquet is available in various variants and surface optics.

Whether it is a country house, a 2-layer parquet or a bar, from smooth to brushed - there is something for every taste. Also, a bamboo floor can also be colored with special coloring oils as desired. From white to brown tones to black, almost all color nuances can be realized.

A natural alternative to laminate

Bamboo flooring is innovative and durable flooring, which offers a natural alternative to mid-range laminate flooring.

Bamboo flooring is a lasting choice. It is made from natural materials, with a top layer of bamboo. Bamboo offers an anti-static and anti-allergic flooring solution, perfect for people who are sensitive to asthma or mites. Also, the growth rate of bamboo shoots is very high, making it an attractive, affordable and natural alternative to exotic hardwood!

Ease of use of bamboo flooring

Thanks to the interlocking system, the bamboo flooring is easy to install. In addition, it is a stable, easy to maintain and relatively inexpensive floor covering that you can perfectly combine with under floor heating.

Bamboo Hardwood Flooring- The One You Should Choose for Your Home