Green Bamboo Flooring for Your Home, Ideal for Interiors

While construction is responsible for the consumption of half of the world's non- renewable resources, there are other alternatives. Although it is still little known in France for its remarkable properties in construction, bamboo is one of the solutions. How is bamboo a good material? What can we do with it?

Bamboo is a durable material that is very little used in the West as laminate flooring. Now, bamboo flooring is marketed to raise awareness of the environment, thanks to its 100% ecological style. The raw material during its manufacture is bamboo, a natural element that can regenerate in 5 years. In addition, the production and transportation process is very aware of the environment.

Originally native to Asia and used for centuries locally, bamboo is a woody grass with very fast production. With a growth of 6 10 m per year, it is usable under construction as of the 4th year. Its big plus in construction? In addition to being ultra-light and flexible, it has a very high resistance in traction and compression. So 10cm² of bamboo can support nearly 5 tons. It is multifunction and may be used for beams, frames, walls or floors. It can even replace metal rods in reinforced concrete.

The ecological advantage of bamboo: 50 times less energy than steel

Ecologically, bamboo flooring has many advantages that make it a very popular material:

• It grows almost without fertilizer and consumes very little energy. In comparison, it consumes 10 times less energy than a concrete construction and 50 times less than a steel construction.

• Like wood, it is able to store CO2

• It contributes to the reduction of soil erosion thanks to the dense mesh of its roots and thus allows water to infiltrate more easily into the soil (very useful especially in case of flooding)

• It is 100% recyclable

All these advantages in favor of the environment make bamboo flooring an almost ideal material ... Only disadvantage for us, it comes from Asia and must be transported by far, causing a significant energy consumption. The balance between this energy expended and the positive points on bamboo seems to make it a material not to be neglected.

Bamboo for your interior flooring

In India, bamboo flooring is not widespread. On the other hand, we use bamboo a lot for our interior, especially for parquet. Because in addition to its very nice aesthetic appearance, the bamboo flooring is very easy to maintain. It is almost insensitive to humidity and temperature variations, making it a completely suitable material for bathrooms or heating / cooling floors for a hundred years. It is therefore very durable and a sanding stroke will restore all its brilliance in case of impact.

For its manufacture, the bamboo flooring can be either massive or laminated. The solid parquet will consist of 100% bamboo stems while the laminate consists of a layer of 2.5mm thick on a support of compressed wood fibers or cross layers of wood.

The solid bamboo parquet is more expensive but much more resistant and you can choose the orientation of the fibers:

• Bamboo parquet horizontal with several layers (usually alternating 3 layers). This is the oldest technique and it reveals the knots in the stems.

• The upright bamboo flooring with a single layer of stems leaving the finest apparent ribs.

• The densified or compressed bamboo parquet that alternates the direction of the stems and allows a smoother appearance of the parquet.

• Regarding its implementation, it is always floating floor to stick or clip. Its woody structure, which gives it incredible strength, also prevents it from being nailed at the risk of injury.

Less expensive than traditional hardwood floors (30 to 60 the maximum m²), bamboo flooring is now findable on many domestic development sites, especially sites of ecological products but not that!

One of the most endangered natural resources is hardwood, especially tropical timber. We propose an alternative to help solve this problem. Bamboo is a plant that has many qualities and characteristics similar to wood. This type of plant is one that grows fastest in the world. A third of bamboo trunks can be cut each year, without their population shrinking due to their rapid growth.

Green Bamboo Flooring for Your Home, Ideal for Interiors