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Things to Know about Natural Bamboo Flooring

Considering the people’s interest there are many bamboo products are hitting the market on daily basis. Not only going green but also it gives great looks to the walls. People who want to renovate the home also going for bamboo flooring. Facts about bamboo flooring:

Most of the factors that determine the flooring materials are:

•It’s durability

•Refinishing capabilities

•Recycling options

•Toxic levels.

Bamboo is considered as the typical replacement for traditional wooden flooring. The traditional flooring materials like maple, oak is considered as highly expensive and it requires a long time for harvesting. Another thing is they are not easy to handle. The overweight makes hard to furnish and install. It requires a lot of manpower. The bamboo is considered as handy and it does not require a long time to harvest and it is easy to furnish and install. One of the biggest advantages of bamboo is it is not a tree, it is a grass hence it requires less time to grow than hardwood trees.


The durability of bamboo flooring is as hard as the normal hardwood flooring. Some varieties of bamboo-like junk have the best hardness rating of 1300. The fibrous structure of bamboo helps the flooring to resist higher than another softwood flooring. Yes, it is vulnerable to some sort of actions like wearing high heels and using high sharp instruments. Another biggest advantage is its refinishing capabilities. Most commonly bamboo is easy to handle so we can be refinishing to any model. The bamboo is not used for recycling. Since it’s round like structure not permits to recycle but the Harwood floors are recyclable.


There are some ecological advantages in bamboo flooring. One thing is that it is toxic free and it is one of the renewable forms of energy. Bamboo hardly takes more than seven years to get matured. The availability makes the product much cheaper. Toxic products will be used for fitting purpose but it is much lesser than other hardwood products.

Advantages of bamboo flooring:

There are different types of bamboo flooring available in the market like compressed, horizontal and vertical flooring.

•It can be used in places like kitchen, bathroom, garages. Etc because the laminated flooring has the ability to observe the moisture

•It is highly resistant to scratches and stains caused because of over usage.

•It is easy to clean and it requires very less maintenance.

•It can use for home as well as for office

•It is available in the different set of models which can be used in different designs.

Bamboos are natural materials it can be easily biodegradable

If it is properly installed and maintained properly it can last for 30 years.

Some concerns about bamboo flooring:

The colour of the bamboo is mostly in grey and green colour. The availability of the different number of colours will sometimes make the floor less attractive. You can add different colours but it will be against the concept of using eco-friendly products. Using sharp instruments on regular basis will make the floor to tear. It has withstanding capabilities but giving much stress is not the good thing. It can lead to broking of bamboo.

Bamboo flooring installation techniques:

Bamboo flooring can easily glue directly to subfloors. The flooring should be floated with the certain amount of moisture barriers. Another way to install the bamboo flooring is nail down application. The nail down application is better and easiest way to install the bamboo flooring. While installing the radiant heat bamboo floors the nail down method will not work out. For this glue installation method is much feasible one. While installing the floor should be clean and dry. The temperature and humidity should be brought to normal while doing installation process. Sometimes the floor requires the proper acclimation. Hire the right experts to install the bamboo flooring. Because after installation you cannot change. For with standability it should be installed properly otherwise it will get broken down quickly. Bamboo flooring materials are available in the online too. You can choose the best product over there.

Things to Know about Natural Bamboo Flooring