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Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring: Exoticness Blended with Durability

Strand woven bamboo flooring, or simply woven flooring, is indeed a very intriguing flooring surface pattern that is much harder and stronger than many other conventional flooring patterns. The bamboo strands are woven together to make the flooring highly durable. After installation, the pattern looks fantastic and unusually attractive.

Many manufacturers actually claim that their strand woven bamboo flooring products are resistant to explosives too, which is most possibly not true. But it’s a fact that strand woven bamboo flooring has no better alternative when it comes to green flooring. The strips of the floor are quite easy to maintain and you can also refinish the floor with the help of a professional of course. The bamboo strips are processed using a special method, for producing woven bamboo floor as one single board. This kind of board comes in fantastic colour options and the hardness is quite high on Janka scale.

Since bamboo is a renewable resource, it is an environment friendly choice for flooring. However, the tallest grass on the planet is also high on aesthetic quotient. Compared to traditional hardwood, bamboo grows at least ten times faster. This allows the leading manufacturers to focus more on design efficiencies and innovations. Bamboo laminates which are produced through patented methods best known to the manufacturers are actually a lot sturdier than the natural hardwoods. It is now widely used for making flooring, furniture as well as other home decorative items such as baskets and flower vases.

The manufacturers from China and elsewhere first cut the bamboo strands and then boil them using modern equipment and then let the bamboo strands to dry. They then mill the dried strands. Following this, the strands are flattened and interwoven. In strand woven bamboo flooring, the strands are glued together using top-quality European standard glue, though the practice is limited to only a handful of top manufacturers from China. There are other manufacturers who don’t bother about the international standards and use sub-par glue for tiring the strands together. Using top-quality glue is essential as it increases the moisture-resistance of the bamboo strands. The boards are then cut into smaller pieces.

Strand woven bamboo products are in general easy to maintain. You just need to use a soft dust map for cleaning the woven strands of bamboo. This kind of floor is highly moisture resistant and is more durable than the regular floors. Also, bamboo floors are free of allergens, which is why this kind of floor is often recommended for homes that have kids and pets. While buying strand woven bamboo flooring, always check whether the manufacturers or dealers you are choosing use low amount of formaldehyde as formaldehyde poses significant health hazards. There are manufacturers who choose a considerably low amount of formaldehyde. It is also important to choose a dealer which offers competitive pricing.

What are the challenges for the strand woven bamboo flooring manufacturing industry? First off, people’s mindset is the biggest roadblock before the manufacturing industry. People often see it as a poor people’s lumber, and those who can afford steel and concrete often just ignore the benefits of strand woven bamboo flooring. What they essentially overlook is that sustainable housing is the future and there’s no way one can overlook the benefits of bamboo flooring. Are there zero downsides of strand woven bamboo flooring? No, that’s not true. Bamboo flooring has its own set of pros and cons. But the benefits grossly outnumber the downsides.

Also, bamboo is a biodegradable material and chemical treatment processes need to be followed in some instances by the manufacturers. It is good news that many governments across the globe now heavily encourage sustainable housing, which has made it easier for the bamboo manufacturers to put higher emphasis on manufacturing efficiencies. Sooner or later, bamboo strand woven flooring can become the global standard for all sorts of housing, both commercial and residential. Also, it should be kept in mind that strand woven bamboo flooring is an ideal for high-traffic zones, such as offices, workshops and hospitals.

Exotic, Durable Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring