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Bamboo Veneer Widely Used for Household Items

In veneer industry, the majority market share is occupied by wood species, throughout the world, many types of natural veneer, as many as 300 or more. It has widest varieties. Natural veneer is mainly made of natural wood and bamboo, Veneer material is used in furniture coverings and other decoration applications, it has the characteristics of precious wood species.

Common types of furniture veneer includes Fraxinus mandshurica, teak, birch, rosewood, gold shadow veneer, acid wood veneer, ebony, red shadow veneer, peach core tree branch veneer, cherry veneer, black walnut veneer, pecan veneer , Red oak skin, white oak skin, maple veneer, boxwood veneer, incense veneer, veneer, Brazil rosewood veneer, red sandalwood veneer. Bamboo is pretty different than wood veneer because of its raw material.

With the strong respect of bamboo materials, bamboo products in the market becomes more and more popular. You can see bamboo veneer, bamboo flooring, bamboo furniture and other bamboo products for household. Bamboo products not only enrich people's daily life, but also provide healthier living environment because of its environmental friendly and low carbon properties.

Bamboo veneer is a new material made of bamboo, which is widely used in decoration, building materials, flooring and other industries. Bamboo veneer is one of the most common bamboo materials. It is not only light, but also can be handled flexibly. Bamboo veneer can match with a variety of materials or be manufactured singly. The common types of bamboo veneer are colorful bamboo veneer, carbonized bamboo veneer, flat pressed bamboo veneer, lateral pressed bamboo veneer, and so on. With the rapid development of bamboo materials, more and more bamboo veneer products will be brought into people's daily household.

Bamboo Veneer Widely Used for Household Items