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Reasons to Choose Bamboo Veneer over Wooden Veneer

These days, architects, woodworkers and interior designers are seemingly in love with the bamboo veneer. This is because they have gotten used to facing one common question from their prospective buyers – “How can we possibly turn our home/office flooring greener and more eco-friendly?” Well, reducing carbon footprints is a priority of both individuals and businesses and quite rightly so. The simply answer to this question is a two-word phrase – bamboo veneer.

Aside from the aesthetics, there are other good reasons to choose bamboo over wooden or any other type of veneer. Here are top five reasons to prefer bamboo veneer over other sorts of materials.

Bamboo veneers are eco-friendly alternatives

Bamboo veneer is the most eco-friendly flooring and decking material as of now. Though it is a variant of wood veneer only, it can be classified separately. Bamboo is classified as grass, and technically it’s not wood. However, bamboo has the same hardness, and in cases, more hardness than the wood veneer. One cannot take away the fact that bamboo is a completely renewable resource. Intelligent and sustainable harvesting of bamboo, which takes place in large parts of China, provides a new direction to this.

Bamboo veneer is highly cost-effective

If you are not looking to burn a hole in your pocket, bamboo veneer has no better alternative. It is in fact the lowest priced veneer in the whole world. You can grab a great deal by buying bamboo veneer from a reputable manufacturer, while at the same time, you can expect top quality bamboo veneer. Bigger bang for your bucks is assured if you can buy export-quality bamboo veneer from a top-line manufacturer which has already a great presence in the Chinese domestic market. To date, China is ruling the global market for bamboo veneers, with a number of bamboo deckling manufacturers competing against each other.

Bamboo veneer is sturdier than hardwood

There is a widespread misconception that hardwood is a stronger and sturdier material compared to bamboo veneer, which has no scientific evidence. In fact, it was once tested in Fiji and it was proved that bamboo is in fact a sturdier material than concrete, and even steel. On the other hand, bamboo is a light material, which makes it an ideal material for construction in high seismic zones. Due to the fibers of bamboo being twice as sturdy and strong as steel, it is a highly ‘muscular’ material which can be an ideal choice for your building. These days, builders who used to choose steel-reinforced concrete are looking for bamboo-reinforced concrete. Not just in China, but this has become a convention around the globe. Bamboo veneer is now being used not just for flooring and decking, but for making columns, doors, windows etc. it can also be used as composites across disparate industries. Bamboo lumber is ideal for partitioning, whereas bamboo plywood is good for flooring. In some countries, the blades of wind turbines are made of bamboo. There are approximately 2500 uses of this natural material.

Bamboo veneer is exotic

Bamboo is mostly grown in far-off regions in Asia and the material is considered an exotic one. With the ongoing hullaballoo about everything originating in Asian countries, from Yoga to Chinese herbal medicines, it’s quite natural that you can find a growing consumer base in Western retail markets with imported bamboo veneer. Yes, the manufacturers from China offer a large variety of veneers for their western retail partners at attractive prices.

A wide variety of colors

Though bamboo veneer is usually available in natural color (the color of bamboo, which is blonde or yellowish), a carbonized color variant is also available. These colors go well with modern interior designs.

Grain patterned veneer

This is perhaps one thing that the interior designers in the west and their customers like to the same degree. The manufacturers from China offer two leading patterns, planked and vertical. Both grains come in the color variants described above and you can certainly woo your buyers with bamboo veneer imported from China.

Reasons to Choose Bamboo Veneer over Wooden Veneer