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Methods to Dry Bamboo Veneer Sheet

Bamboo veneer is a very environmentally decoration and furniture covering material compared with regular wood veneer species, its raw material is a rapidly renewable resource – Moso bamboo which mainly grows in south of China, it is has great flexibility for further production and machine treatment. Bamboo veneer gains wide attention in veneer market as soon as it is produced out in the factory, the dealers immediately bring bamboo into their product series and promote it as the best as they can do because they really love this green material.

There are several methods to make bamboo veneer dry including kiln drying method, gas drying method, flue heating method, far-infrared drying, solar drying method and dehumidification drying method. Here today, we are going to share kiln drying method with you.

Bamboo veneer has a basic manufacturing process step, to dry the bamboo veneer sheet after slicing. Bamboo log is laminated layers by layers with bamboo strips, then soaking bamboo log into a pot with chemical liquid, this step is to soften the fiber of bamboo log in order to slice it smoothly for the machine. After slicing, the veneer sheet is still wet and rolling up. It needs a dry treatment to make the veneer sheet to be flat. In our factory, we build up the kiln dry tunnel, send the veneer sheet into the tunnel and the steam heats up the veneer all over.

Kiln drying method is to put bamboo veneer in a room equipped with circulating drying substance. With appropriate manual adjustment and control of the temperature, humidity, air circulation direction and speed, bamboo veneer can reach a specified humidity in a certain period of time. There are two kinds of kiln drying methods: periodic kiln drying method and continuous kiln drying method. Periodic kiln drying method can only dry a pile of bamboo veneer at one time. Dried bamboo veneer must be put out before wet bamboo veneer put in. The temperature and humidity of substance will change with drying time. Continuous kiln drying method can make bamboo veneer dry continuously which is efficient but also save time to dry plenty of bamboo veneer.

Methods to Dry Bamboo Veneer Sheet