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Solid Bamboo Flooring: Better Option Than Engineered Flooring

Solid bamboo flooring is indeed a wonderful innovation that has changed the paradigms of the flooring world. If you are a great fan of all-natural flooring materials and want to materialize your dream of living in an environmentally friendly home, solid bamboo flooring has no better alternative. This kind of flooring gives an aesthetic appeal to your floor and the whole room as well. Bamboo flooring can add a tinge of grace to your entire home.

Both engineered flooring and solid bamboo flooring are available now with the leading manufacturers. Despite the broad availability of the bamboo flooring products, homeowners these days mostly choose solid bamboo floors. Why solid floors ought to be your next flooring choice? To know this, you need to take a fleeting look at the key differences between these two types of floors.

First off, both solid and engineered bamboo flooring can be told apart based on how they are constructed. Compressed solid bamboo flooring is generally made by taking pulpy strands of bamboo shoots and then compressing them for giving the boards a woven look. In this process, solid bocks of raw bamboo are created which are then cut into distinct planks that are then used as solid bamboo compressed flooring, which we commonly refer as solid bamboo flooring these days. This kind of flooring is extremely string and is not susceptible to wear and tear compared to vertical and horizontal bamboo floors.

You can also find vertical bamboo flooring and horizontal bamboo flooring with the leading manufacturers. Vertical flooring has sheets stacked on the sides, whereas the horizontal flooring consists of bamboo sheets that are laid atop one another. Both horizontal and vertical bamboo flooring are widely used by homeowners, though none of them actually has the same hardness as the solid compressed bamboo flooring.

On the other hand, engineered bamboo flooring is generally made of horizontal and vertical bamboo with at least three adequately treated and laminated layers. The topmost and the bottom layer are made of compressed bamboo which is tied together with the help of a special kind of glue. Engineered bamboo flooring is more complex and sophisticated as far as the manufacturing process in concerned, whereas the solid bamboo flooring is pretty simple from a manufacturing viewpoint. The engineered one is more expensive than the solid one.

Solid bamboo flooring is far more versatile than the engineered bamboo flooring. Both the styles can be sanded and refinished just like the regular hardwood flooring. However, this kind of flooring is also a green option as bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants and the bamboo vegetation is not affected because of the production. Just choose a reputable manufacturer who follows the European standards but stick to the Asian quality and pricing. You can find reputable manufacturers of solid bamboo flooring without much research.

To put it fairly simply, bamboo can be the carrier of development due its green properties and outstanding sturdiness. China has hundreds of different varieties of bamboo and some of the best bamboo artisans deep inside the Chinese villages. These artisans generally stay aloof from the outer world, but there are certain manufacturing companies that have taken this responsibility to market their solid bamboo flooring products worldwide. Chinese Academy of Forestry conducted a joint study with International Network for Bamboo and Rattan and the joint committee found that the major roadblocks before bamboo manufacturing industry have effectively been cleared. The emergence of the new-age bamboo manufacturers has fuelled the value-housing buzz not just inside China, but across the seas as well. If you are still using steel or concrete in your building, it’s time you should think seriously about using bamboo instead as the building costs can also be reduced by about 40 percent by using bamboo.

Zhejiang and Hunan are the two most important bamboo producing regions in China. However, the top manufacturers are based in and around the industrial region of Shanghai and you need to contact with any of these companies.

Solid Bamboo Flooring: Better Option than Engineered Flooring