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How to Maintain Healthy Bamboo Veneer Furniture

A wide range of furniture items are manufactured from bamboo veneer, flooring being one of them. Bamboo furniture has an earthy and light feel, which is why the veneer is considered ideal for patios, porches as well as balconies. But you also need to know how to maintain your bamboo veneer furniture. Here today, we will share some tips with you.

1. Keep your bamboo veneer furniture away from fire and heat source, or not exposure to sunshine for a long time. That will make the bamboo veneer furniture easy to fade, dry, deform, bend, crack and loosen.

2. For cleaning, you can use vacuum cleaner for the first time and then use a soft brush to sweep from the inside to outside. And then wipe with a damp cloth, and finally with a soft cloth to get it completely dried.

3. After a period of time, wipe your bamboo veneer furniture with light brine to protect it from crisp and worm holes.

4. Bamboo contains rich cellulose, lignin and sugar, fat, protein, these ingredients are nutrition of insects and termites. So we must take certain measures to prevent insects to increase the service life of your bamboo veneer furniture. It is better to coat some tung oil on the surface, both mothproof, and durable, full of beauty.

5. Bamboo veneer furniture should be placed in a dry, ventilated place. If often in the wet, dark places, humidity is good for microbial reproduction. Especially large bamboo veneer furniture like cabinets, shelves, loungers, they should be cleaned the dirt in the gap, and rinse with water, dried.

You choose bamboo veneer furniture, that means you love the green, the nature, you bring the nature to your house, in order to keep the furniture look like brand new all the time, the proper maintenance has big importance, the end-users should follow our honest and useful tips when have the close touch with bamboo veneer furniture.

Maintain Your Environmentally Healthy Bamboo Veneer Furniture