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Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring: The Benefits Are Nearly Endless

Bamboo is a commonly used flooring material across many East Asian countries. While the use of strand woven bamboo flooring is something new in the West, Asian countries such as China and India are using the material for flooring probably for centuries. The material has recently gained wide currency in the West too and European and North American furniture manufacturers and flooring solutions providers have welcomed the material with an open arm. Why does strand woven bamboo flooring exceed the other two common types, solid bamboo flooring and engineered bamboo flooring in terms of popularity and overall market demand in some regional markets? Here’s why.

Pros of strand woven bamboo flooring

Eco friendly alternative

These woven bamboo flooring products are much more eco-friendly than many other types of flooring products, and even engineered bamboo flooring to some extent. The material is highly affordable as well, which is why it has gained wide acceptance in developing as well as less developed nations, not to mention in most European and North American countries. Strand woven bamboo flooring lasts nearly a lifetime, which translates into more savings on repair and replacement for the owners. Natural stones, which are a bunch of alternatives to bamboo flooring, are not as affordable as bamboo flooring.

It does not matter what kind of a house or office you have and how much you have put aside for flooring, you will always find it a more affordable flooring item than most of the other flooring products.

Strand woven bamboo flooring is elegant

When it comes to flooring and furnishing, most homeowners look out for affordable yet elegant products in the market. If you think that this kind of flooring looks like bamboo plants cut into shape and tied together as a whole, you are completely wrong. Strand woven bamboo flooring is a far cry from the standard bamboo stalks. Also, your office or home floor would not have a whitish or greenish surface. Understand that raw bamboo undergoes a very special kind of treatment, which includes cleaning, polishing and a lot of other industrial processes. The refined product you see in the end can be in accord to any contemporary home or office furniture in terms of elegance, texture and design.

Strand woven flooring is durable

Another reason why this kind of flooring is often chosen by flooring manufacturers and service providers as well as home and office owners is that the bamboo and the adhesive are integrated and the adhesive is used in much more amount compared to solid bamboo floors. This makes the floors more heavy-duty than any other ordinary flooring material. However, even if you go for solid bamboo flooring instead of the stranded one, you can expect greater durability compared to any other natural material as bamboo bis naturally a very strong material which can withstand wear and tear for a really long time.

Wide variety of choices

Bamboo flooring options are aplenty. You can use it in your bedroom, living room, study or library. Various designs and colour options are also available. Prefab bamboo floors as well as custom-made bamboo flooring materials are both available online. Bamboo is a very good insulator, which means your floor will never get too cold during winter months and never get too hot during those summer months.

Refinished floors

This kind of floors can be refinished and retrofitted as well. However, this depends on the thickness and number of layers of the bamboo pieces used in flooring. If you are worried that your flor may get dented or scratched, you can opt for a refinish. This will make your floor look great again.

Are there any cons of strand woven bamboo flooring?

Yes, there are a few cons as well. For example, you should not use his kind of flooring in utility areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Also, some products may contain volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde. You should wisely choose products that have low amounts of formaldehyde. There are only a few reputable manufacturers and suppliers of strand woven bamboo flooring that use negligible amounts of formaldehyde. You should go on the web to find these trustworthy suppliers and manufacturers out.

Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring: The Benefits Are Nearly Endless