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Bamboo Decking in Vogue: The Reasons

Ever seen an outdoor deck, where you can sit back and relax after a hard day’s work? These have become so popular in recent days for adding the necessary element of comfort and convenience that most homeowners are considering it essential in their houses. Although wood decking is common, nowadays bamboo decking is also catching up. But if you take the example of the ancient composite decking, it is neither strong nor eco-friendly. There is a lot of effort and chemicals required for it production. Think of others like aluminum, vinyl, plastic and you will know there are options galore. But with bamboo as a strong alternative, it makes sense to resort to it.

Why bamboo?

Basically, bamboo is a grass that grows faster than most others and is extremely tough. In utilizing it and not other conventional ones will not only help in providing a great deck, but it will be an environment-friendly move. It’s extremely solid and stays at the home for a very long time. Even the toughest of circumstances like earthquakes and timberlands have been known to not cause any damage to bamboo decking.

Not many people are aware that it requires barely few months to harvest the same. But waiting for a couple of years is always recommended to achieve the strong product. The material is firstly woven, cut into thin strips, bleached, carbonized and later, dried to preserve so that sugars and insects are removed. Termites thankfully do not attack this plant because of the excess silica, which makes it difficult in the processing bit.

The real fact is bamboo’s strong structure that’s the result of tiny filaments right inside the stick plant. Once the strips are taken off, they are glued and joint under extremely high pressure. The molding and baking comes thereafter to construct a very solid material, which can sustain for no less than 10 years. In other words, we can call it a semi-stable product, but the only problem lies in its noisy nature as the hard surface tends to reflect sound instead of absorbing it.

So why bamboo is considered so different?

Not one, not two but there are reasons why the love for bamboo is increasing by the day:

  • The flooring is recognized for its hypo-allergenic properties, so bamboo decking will also bring similar benefits.
  • Great rate of growth is a significant boost towards the environment.
  • It looks natural and beautiful, so one can rely on it to match all types of décor. Most products hence, are finished with a host of lacquer and color stain options.
  • The durability and flexibility are add-ons. Strange as it may sound, there’s great tensile strength of bamboo, even more than steel.

A large portion of the world is now opting for decks and wood has actually become passé. But when it comes to assessing the utilization of the plant on composite decking, there’s something to be learnt. Think from the environmental point of view, there’s greater oxygen generation that improves the overall living and also the climate becomes secure and healthy.

Great value for money

Building projects are all praise of bamboo and rightly so. Whether flooring or decking, bamboo is the first choice across a wide range of population. Investing on this plant will actually result in value and enjoyment.

Ease in installation

A number of manufacturers have worked on bamboo decking with a special clip system so that the installation process is quick and appealing. If there’s tongue and groove end-matching, the waste generated is les and joints are much firm.

Sleek and chic

The sophisticated and irresistible bamboo decking work is hard to let go of. Modern and traditional décor gets a unique charm as a result of using this versatile item. Since it’s a natural timber product, the addition of lacquer and color stain options can produce innovative solutions.

Whether you are renovating a home or just including a new form of decking to accentuate your home’s basic look, it is always a safe option to choose bamboo. It is a great and practical choice, especially if compared to the several plastic, wood or any composite deck materials that suffer on a number of grounds.

Bamboo Decking in Vogue: The Reasons