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Bamboo Plywood: Great Alternative For Wooden Plywood

Bamboo being one of the most important non-wood species, it is a great alternative for wood manufactured materials and furniture like pulp and paper, stripboards, matboards, veneer, plywood, particleboard and fiberboard. It abundantly grows in most of the tropical and subtropical zone. Bamboo plywood is made from 100 percent renewable bamboo, using adhesives that are both strong and emissions free.

Since there are many kinds of bamboo composite produced and traded in the world, the various macroscopic and microscopic characteristics, chemical composition, physical and mechanical properties are taken into consideration while producing the plywood of bamboo. Bamboo is a very eco-friendly choice and a great material which can last really long and even better than wood at many cases.

A suitable raw material should be inexpensive, fast-growing, easily available having comparable physical and mechanical properties to the wood, bamboo is that amazing alternative of wood. Bamboo plywood is nowadays used for various applications. This plywood have been widely used in building applications, such as flooring, ceiling, walls, windows, doors, fences, housing roofs, trusses and rafters.

The most common type being the fast growing Moso Bamboo is also used mostly to produce plywood of bamboo. It is as natural and carbonized plywood as wooden plywood with vertical or horizontal grains depending on the manufacturing process. Since, bamboo is a low resin, open grained material, thus, it takes stains and finishes exceptionally well. It can be cut and sanded using conventional woodworking equipment for various uses and applications.

The available wood supply is decreasing due to the global biomass demands for the green energy generation, Bamboo is the alternative to wood for ample of good reasons. With modern techniques and adapted technologies, bamboo can be processed into a wide range of products with wood and other raw materials in the future. The methods, technology and equipment for wood processing cannot be directly applied in bamboo utilization.

Bamboo Plywood