Solid Bamboo Flooring: Looking at the list of positives

In recent years, bamboo floors have acquired immense importance for a number of reasons, much like hardwood flooring. While many are still fond of the latter for its traditional appeal, the availability of bamboo in large numbers and simplicity in replenishment has made many to resort to this choice. Apart from its sustainability, eco-friendly nature and many more, considering solid bamboo flooring will no doubt reap in benefits galore.

The origin and types of bamboo

Looking carefully at bamboo floors, one will certainly discover a chic and exotic appearance as much as its inexpensive nature is attractive. But how is it made? The flooring manufactured from the bamboo plant has given popularity to this new type. With most plants originating in China and also India, among the major regions of Asia, there are plenty of plantations to be found at present. Among the numerous species, ‘Moso Bamboo’ is the most commonly used flooring type.

At the time of processing, manufacturers and sellers are quite aware of bamboo’s strength, durability, environment friendly nature and resistance to moisture and insects that account for its sale.

Since a variety of solid bamboo flooring types exist, each can be distinguished on the basis of the process of manufacture, local preferences and economic viability.

The commonest one uses thin stems of bamboo that are cut in flat pieces and same lengths. After being nailed down to the wooden beams or larger stems, there’s more space between the stems. So, this technique is considered ideal for stilted houses where air circulation is better in summer.

In North American markets, the flooring is done by making thin slices of the bamboo poles or the culms are made in strips. After the outer skin and nodes are taken out, the bamboo strips are boiled inside a solution of boric acid or lime and then the plant is dried.

Few solid bamboo flooring types use a urea-formaldehyde (UF) adhesive at the time of lamination. Compared to the other types, floors made of bamboo however use a small amount, like particleboards.

Plentiful availability

Popularity ranks at number 1 when it comes to bamboo. Now that people are gradually realizing the usefulness of this plant, many are taking to this route for their housing needs. Almost any flooring store will accommodate it, so purchasing it won’t be much of a difficulty.

Strength and Durability

Any area of the house can have bamboo installations. It is so strong and durable that no one will need to worry while walking, moving or running about. No tension about the foot traffic and not spilled drinks either, which means there’s complete freedom. Also, its strength is such that most flooring usually comes with a twenty five year guarantee.

High adaptability

Think of any place in the house and one can install bamboo floors. It is far less sensitive to temperature changes and also climatic differences don’t pose much of difficulty. Stones and tiles require some laminate, but this is not the case with bamboo flooring that can be laid over plywood.

Ease in installation

One can make a great deal of savings by choosing bamboo installations. Despite being a tad time consuming, the process is relatively easy. One can be relieved thinking that when the cost of flooring installation pinches the pocket this comes as a serious advantage.

Touch of class

There’s a cozy feeling that one has while choosing solid bamboo flooring. Class and refinement are other characteristics that come with the bamboo floors. Not that it’s currently a trend, but there’s something timeless about it. So when you install the same in the house, you are assured about its longevity.

Resistant to water

The natural material in bamboo plant acts as a resistance to water. But compared to hardwood, it’s a little less, so might pose a concern to many.

Much like any other floor, solid bamboo flooring is not without its discrepancies. But compared to the numerous benefits that can be had from it, one might just choose to overlook them. Just one thing should be kept in mind- the quality of the bamboo is something that should be seen carefully. It would be better to talk to experts and take their opinion prior to investing.

Solid Bamboo Flooring: Looking at the list of positives