Curve Bamboo Flooring

Regular flooring planks are all flat and straight, this is the standard and almost the only shape for wood and bamboo flooring. We called it Straight Edge Flooring, compared to curved edge. Curve bamboo flooring is beautiful and pretty cool flooring, specially an unusual visual after application.

Curve bamboo flooring is manufactured by using purely physical methods, with the scientific and technological knowledge of the mathematics, physics, materials science, structural mechanics from the junction, the enjoyment of art. The processing in Tongue and Groove is much different than regular bamboo flooring, special cut to reach unique shape. The coating is same as usual.

Curve makes the fundamental solution to the drawbacks of traditional floor in case of influx of bagging deformation on the structure on, also changing the traditional floor single straight line shape. Curve bamboo flooring has a novel and elegant, luxurious, beautiful and fresh lines. It is personalized space ideal for flooring for modern home, office, stadiums, hotels, commercial buildings. Curve bamboo floor is upgrading and innovation on flooring production technology.

Explanation on the offset relative grams stress phenomenon:

There is a law for deformation pattern for traditional flooring when it gets deeply wet. Joined parts of two floor planks on straight edge flooring will arch up and bend because fiber deformation direction is same - consistent upward on two planks. Two planks are fighting together to make more room to extend itself. Flooring gets wet and will swear very much percent on high moisture. Curve flooring cut off parts of the fiber splicing, changed fiber deformation of the law completely, Deformation direction is different on curve flooring and will reduce the stress and no more arch up and cupping.

Curve bamboo flooring size: 911 x 80 x 15mm.

curve bamboo flooring

Curve Bamboo Flooring - Natural Color

curved bamboo flooring

Curve Bamboo Flooring - Caramel Color