Bamboo Utilization

Bamboo is a really great resource for our earth. It is so helpful for our life, not only purifying the air but also a wonderful material for the construction and building. Bamboo has been utilized widely and deeply in China over thousands of years. China doesn't have giant quantity of wood, but has plenty of bamboo. Bamboo is very versatile on the usage, very widely applications and utilized thoroughly from root to very top.

Bamboo is widely utilized by the people in 3 parts - root, stem and leaf.

Root: Bamboo root is very hard, wide diameter and short bamboo nodes. From the very beginning of bamboo growing, bamboo root is very suitable for bamboo shoot which is a delicious, natural and healthy food. Bamboo shoot is harvested in young bamboo. After bamboo tree is harvested completely, bamboo root will cut off and it is very good material for sculpture crafts.

Stem is the most important part of bamboo tree because this part can be utilized maximum, from flooring to chopsticks. Stem is separated into 2 parts - up and down. Up is thinner and down is wider in diameter. Different diameter has different usage on production.

Down Stem: This part is the best for production of paneling, flooring and veneer because this part is very even on the diameter and thickness. After slicing bamboo tree into strips, the color is even also, not light as the up stem, not dark as the root, just the right color.

Up Stem: This part is much thinner than down stem part. Bamboo is a tapper plant, more top more thinner. The factory cut off up stem part for the production of bamboo mat, bamboo chopsticks, woven bamboo plywood because those products don't require very even diameter and thickness. Small bamboo is even better than big one.

After processing with stem, a lot of waste comes out, like bamboo powder and bamboo pieces. Small bamboo pieces can be produced for bamboo charcoal. Bamboo powder is also the raw materials for the composite decking and paper production.

Leaf: Without modern machines involved, bamboo leaves are a waste and naturally rotten as fertilizer. Now, bamboo leaf can be extracted with chemical process into bamboo liquid, medicine, pigment etc. Bamboo beverage is a very popular drink locally, fresh bamboo taste and smell.

After extraction, the waste will be fertilizer and feed.

There is no any waste on bamboo tree, it is an amazing plant and makes you unbelievable totally. Bamboo is 100% utilized in the process and 70% of bamboo is for the production of bamboo flooring and bamboo plywood because their market is biggest on bamboo products. Enjoy bamboo and you will love her very much than expected.

bamboo utilization