China Bamboo Industry : Export, Manufacture

China-based leading bamboo producing country in the world, along with the ever-changing science and technology, the bamboo industry to extend the processing and manufacturing are also booming, can be realized from a long bamboo bamboo root, bamboo, bamboo leaves even to the bamboo powder full use of bamboo within: Zhugen do root carving, bamboo flooring system, furniture, Zhushao, Rhizome of crafts, pharmaceutical intermediates extracted from bamboo biological health, antioxidant agent, bamboo industry wastes, including bamboo shavings, bamboo powder, bamboo can also be processed into charcoal products. Currently in China, the bamboo to bamboo products, to direct consumers to the whole industry chain has taken shape, and flower industry, forest tourism, forest food industry and forestry development in China called the four sunrise industry.

Bamboo as a renewable resource, is an important raw material of low-carbon, environment-friendly cycle and resource-saving products, and its products industry since the 1970s, the market began to focus on; its finished products 80s preliminary research; 90s related processing technology from abroad; in 2000 began to go abroad, it has become the focus of Chinese export commodities shining. In recent years, Chinese bamboo industry set sail at full speed, and gradually expand the industrial scale, bamboo processing and utilization management to make significant progress, bamboo industrialization process has accelerated noticeably.

After thirty years of development, Chinese bamboo products manufacturing industry has rapidly grown into a vibrant and dynamic market, bamboo products manufacturing market as one of the fastest growing countries. According to the latest data released by wind, ended in September 2015, the total number of business units of large Chinese bamboo products manufacturing industry has reached 601, the number of employees in manufacturing bamboo products continued to rise at the same time. The end of 2014, its product sales revenue of 64,158,301,000 yuan, compared to early 2001, 4,328,851,400 yuan bamboo products manufacturing industry product sales revenue increased by more than 14 times the annual growth rate far exceeds the growth rate of GDP over the same period. Accompanied by rising scientific and technological content of bamboo products manufacturing industry, you can grab the bamboo product margins further expanded in 2012 to September 2015 a total profit of the industry as a whole is getting better.

Bamboo products from the design to the inherent quality are constantly achieve a breakthrough, China's bamboo resources can be fully released. According to the latest data wind released 2013 National bamboo product sales of up to 1,510,024,100, the number of comparison in 2004 478,519,100 increase of up to 215.56%, while the Sichuan, Fujian, Guangxi, Yunnan, Zhejiang, Jiangxi and other regions has become a bamboo product sales total expand and enhance the growth of the amount of the contribution of the largest province in 2014 - 2013 in the provinces of bamboo product sales distribution: bamboo product sales by 2013, seven provinces bamboo products accounted for 86.21% of sales, with the year 2010 - 2012 87.06%, 88.37%, 89.05% compared to the proportion of cases remained at a stable level. In 2013, before the bamboo products sold seven provinces of Guangxi, Fujian, Yunnan, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Guangdong, Jiangxi, compared to product sales before 2011 bamboo seven provinces affected by climate factors, in addition to market share was in Sichuan dropped significantly, the proportion of other provinces showed a certain degree of growth.In bamboo products green, natural, environmental protection and ecological consumption concept gradually accepted by the market background, bamboo products quickly open the gate areas in which the "King of bamboo" location in Jiangxi Province, bamboo forest area of 1147.65 hectares, accounting for bamboo 26% of the total area. Jiangxi bamboo and bamboo species in the majority, its dark green leaves, dry wall thickness of bamboo and bamboo tall, unique resources for the development of bamboo industry in Jiangxi solid foundation. In recent years, Jiangxi Province, but also through enterprise integration, industrial restructuring, technological innovation, market discipline, so bamboo utilization and deep processing has been an overall improvement, with the country's high growth sales of bamboo products, firmly in a certain market share. According to Jiangxi Bamboo Industry Association statistics, in 2014, Jiangxi bamboo industry output value reached 30 billion yuan, an increase of 12.2% compared with 24.6 billion yuan in 2013, of which 13.6 million square meters of bamboo flooring, bamboo timber 812 million yuan, 14.6 million square bamboo blanks rice, bamboo furniture 124,800, its bamboo industry has gradually become an important pillar industry in Jiangxi province, city and county industrial and agricultural development.

Bamboo flooring since the eighties of last century began to enter the domestic and international consumer market, with high hardness, high strength, good elasticity, texture, straight, reasonable structure, stability, and other advantages of easy deformation characteristics by consumers. Currently one thousand on the major flooring manufacturers and large enterprises hundred, but Chinese bamboo flooring and wood flooring, laminate flooring market is highly competitive, bamboo flooring is only about 10% of domestic market share of the floor, the production of bamboo flooring Delta more than 60 percent of exports to foreign countries, sold more than 40 countries and regions, has become one of the world's major production base for exports bamboo flooring. According to the State Forestry Administration released the "National Bamboo Industry Development Plan" to incomplete statistics, in 2011 the National bamboo flooring production reached 779,600 cubic meters, of which the annual output of China Jiangxi bamboo plywood production by about 10%.

It refers to the original bamboo furniture, bamboo or bamboo timber, bamboo wood-based panel to the substrate, development and production of furniture items. In recent years, with the bamboo timber, bamboo wood processing recombinant technology are maturing, it not only has a natural bamboo surface dense texture, straight, bamboo patchwork, very beautiful for bamboo furniture manufacturing. While the new Glued Laminated Bamboo Furniture particular about the shape simple and neat and smooth lines stretch, the pursuit of furniture, functional diversification, the design can be implemented architectural design, interior design and has a relationship with the fusion hosting space integrates function. According to the State Forestry Administration released the "National Bamboo Industry Development Plan" to incomplete statistics, in 2011 China Bamboo Furniture annual output 6,748,500. Including Guangxi, Chongqing, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Hunan, Jiangxi six provinces of China bamboo furniture main producing areas, accounting for 92.02% yield six provinces of the country, currently has bamboo furniture in the domestic market to establish a number of well-known brands.

2013 China GDP growth rate of 7.7% economic growth in a reasonable range, but still hit a new low since the financial crisis. With the reform of China's economic structural adjustment, China's GDP growth below 8% will become the new norm, rather than the financial crisis are still visible Pori toughness Chinese bamboo products manufacturing industry. Compare timber market ups and downs in the growth rate, the bamboo market share steadily to 35.7% in 2012 to promote the rapid growth of high growth and market development. Although in 2013, the forest products market has entered a general downward through greater growth after the difficulties, but the contrast of sharp contraction timber market apathetic, bamboo market only showed a slight downward trend, visible along with the gradual recovery of domestic and international economic environment and the improved, bamboo products manufacturing market, including the market will quickly open the floodgates.

While in the case of today's deteriorating ecological environment, maintaining global ecological security, combating global warming are growing louder States to protect forest resources have made a strong claim. Scarcity of economic and social development, the contradiction between the rigid demand for timber forest resources increasingly acute. In response to the rapid socio-economic development situation of forest resources demand growing, bamboo plants because of all of the properties and biological ecology wide use, and large economic value and many other features, has become the preferred alternative to timber resources. Compared to the general fast-growing timber 10-15-year growth rate, bamboo can become useful 3-5 years, a reforestation success, can be selective cutting every year, sustainable use. "Bamboo and wood" ecological benefits are obvious, will no longer be staying at the conceptual level. At present China with an annual output of bamboo about 1.5 billion, equivalent to 23 million cubic meters of timber volume, with the development of bamboo industry breakthroughs in key technologies and logistics industries, product variety and quality has been greatly enrich and improve production and management cost has dropped significantly, bamboo product consumption will completely get rid of the last feature of regional consumption, more in line with environmental, ecological, environmental, health and cost-effective concept of bamboo products into the consumer sector, its comparative advantages of multi-timber products will gradually highlight , showing bamboo products manufacturing industry a huge market prospects.

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