Bamboo Flooring Installation Options

Typically, bamboo flooring installation methods dragon skeleton installation, direct installation method. Room on the ground floor flat or fitted with other floor can be installed directly method, the following small series to introduce direct bamboo flooring installation methods:

Lay a thick layer of ground moisture-proof film (generally used 5-10mm thick), splice lap around 5cm, and bonded with adhesive strip as a whole.

Floor mounted directly on the film, they stand at the appropriate amount of plastic floor coating.

First on the ground capped with a layer of special high-density polyethylene plastic film, film seams must overlap width 20 cm.

From the corner of the room began, while the floor against a wall recess. Between the wall and the floor 75 cm placed an expansion pad intervals between the wall and the floor leaving a gap of 8 mm minimum.

Paving the first row, he saw to the last piece of the floor balance (balance if sawed more than 30 centimeters, can be left behind to continue to use).

Floor adhesive has been applied long side and the short side of the tongue and groove, apply the amount must be sufficient to ensure homogeneity and continuity of adhesion. Paving process multi-coated adhesive wipe with a damp cloth, and wash cloth with water.

After three rows of pavement, you can rest for about 45 minutes to allow the adhesive curing, and then the pavement will have a solid foundation. We recommend that you use the tensioning device, it will ensure that the floor of the clamp in the paving process. In the first two meters of pavement you use at least three tensioning device, then each floor by placing a tensioning device.

Paving in the last two rows, a first floor pavement has been placed on the front line of the floor, and pay attention to the edges of the floor exactly. Then in another place it on the floor and along the walls, while paying attention to between the floor and the walls with a gap of 8 mm. On the first floor placed secant drawn with a pencil, with a saw and sawed the sawn floor along the wall coverings, place the expansion spacers between the floor and the wall.

The expansion spacer, tensioning device is held in place, so that the floor pavement has been dry for at least 24 hours, remove the expansion pad and tensioning device before walking on the floor.

bamboo floors installation methods