EcoNice Bamboo Decking - Extreme Weather-Resistant

EcoNice is the leader of resistant recombinant bamboo material, also known as recombinant strand woven bamboo, bamboo is a way to reorganize and strengthen them forming, striking new bamboo material, bamboo is the ease through after fine, dried after dipping, and then dried to a moisture content of the standard requirements, the surfacing molding, high temperature and pressure into a hot plate or cold forming after thermal curing made Lumber.

EcoNice bamboo is distinguished from other factories of the production process is that we will ease into fibrosis bamboo veneer, corrosion of the mold after drying and other treatment, high temperature and pressure. Wood and Bamboo decking through the National Testing Center, should be resistant (bamboo-based fiber composite material) having high strength and high weather resistance, high corrosion resistance, high flame resistance and other characteristics.

Better density: the density should be resistant to 1.20g / cm3 or more, and is now widely used wood preservative sylvestris can reach 0.4g / cm3, Merbau, teak, can reach about 1.0g / cm3.

Better strength: bending strength resistance should reach more than 220Mpa. In the case of the same thickness, the impact force is sylvestris 7-10 times, it can be implemented using less material to achieve better performance.

Better weather resistance: 28 hours according to the national standard method for loop detection, thickness swelling within 5%; 72 hours based on cooking in boiling water detection, thickness swelling less than 10%, and can achieve the target product can be water swelling control; let outdoor bamboo products warping and cracking from not worry.

Better corrosion resistance: Corrosion I reach the national standard level. Aging in laboratory tests, useful life of 15 years. As time goes by, the only eternal value.

Better environmental protection: bamboo thinning without causing ecological damage to the environment, to obtain materials are environmentally friendly; process without the addition of harmful substances, mainly physical changes, adding phenolic resin adhesive formaldehyde emission less than 0.2 mg / 100g, even lower than 0.5mg / 100g European E1 standard. Outdoor and indoor environmental protection from the synchronization.

EcoNice outdoor bamboo flooring has been widely used in the field of domestic and outdoor projects, such as green, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Orange Lake, Castle Lake, Hangzhou, Suzhou Sanshan Island, a case study of Hubei, Xinjiang Yining, etc., EcoNice gained both national outdoor wood testing authority and recognition, but also to get around the landscape engineering users praise and affirmation. Outdoor wood applications continue to develop consistent goals Bothbest company, to become the leader, pacesetter.

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