Durable Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring Makes Your House Elegant

Strand woven bamboo flooring is also called compressed bamboo flooring, one of high level type of bamboo flooring, based on the principle of the manufacturing process of recombinant wood, bamboo is raw material, a new decorative material. It will be the first by means of mechanical processing crushing bamboo into a network of fiber bundles, and then after drying, dipping, pressing and other processes of a sheet flooring blanks. Finally, wooden floors and the same machining processes create the strand woven bamboo flooring.

The biggest advantage of strand woven bamboo flooring is able to take advantage of renewable resources. In this way the production, utilization of bamboo in theory can reach 90%, which is 2 times the traditional production process. While the rational use of bamboo resources trails miscellaneous traditional process can not be used, and is in line with today's trend of new green products.

Secondly, by adjusting the process, you can make strand woven bamboo flooring than solid wood flooring and bamboo flooring is generally better physical performance, greater density, higher strength, water resistance, not deformed. Better able to meet the requirements under various environmental conditions.

The moment they chose Bamboo Flooring mainly because of its relatively high cost. We should always advocating environmental protection, adhere to the path of sustainable development. Most of us in the past is to choose solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring due to corrosion, expensive and less variety. But now everyone's choice is more, such as bamboo flooring, strand woven bamboo flooring, these emerging industry is still very popular with everyone welcome, on the one hand and environmental protection, the use of bamboo, to reduce the felling of trees. Furthermore, it is, after strand woven bamboo flooring after processing it, the overall density, wear resistance, and not easy to damp, moth-eaten, in addition, they still have the feel of wood.

After strand woven bamboo flooring by cold or hot pressing, the density becomes more uniform, is not easy drawing, and whether it is used in the company's office or fitness room, or a luxury apartments will not have any sense of violation and, but gives more beautiful, elegant visual impact. At the same time as they are now a number of companies specializing in the production of bamboo flooring, we are constantly guided by the market, where people can choose to develop more high-quality bamboo flooring. But for now, the advantages of strand woven bamboo flooring is very obvious, water swelling ratio is very low so bamboo flooring, high density, abrasion resistance, and uniform color. But despite the advantages of strand woven bamboo flooring, no matter how much, or how strong they are and then, people still need care, so, proper maintenance, for example, do not wear high heels to walk on a regular basis to the bamboo floor waxing, filling cracks, etc. , the life of these little things, small details can be a good extension of bamboo flooring, color, and appearance.

Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring Makes Your House Elegant