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Bamboo Veneer - An Industry Will be Supported in the Future

Some people have gradually realized the advantages of bamboo veneer, and bamboo veneer has enjoyed a small scale application for some people. In fact, it will enjoy wide application all over the country because it is an industry which will be supported by the government in the future.

It is well known that bamboo veneer has many advantages compared to the wood plank, such as anti-compression & anti-bending, environment-friendly, low cost and long life. Among them, environment-friendly is one of the most important points government cared the most.

It can’t be denied that much vegetation are destroyed and vegetation area is drastically reduced because of the great demand of urban development and construction in the past few years. The result is that the desert area increased and environment deteriorated, which has a bad influence on people’s life. Then government encouraged people to plant more trees again, however, the speed of deforestation is greater than the planting speed. Wood plank plays an important role in people’s life and work. Now that there is no good way to reduce the use, the best way is to find its succedaneum. Bamboo veneer is the best succedaneum without doubt.

Bamboo grows faster than wood, on one hand, it will meet the needs of the rapid development of the city, on the other hand, it will reduce the rate of forest deforestation, and at the same time, it is also a saving of wood resources, which complies to the principle of sustainable development of the government. Bamboo veneer industry will absolutely get vigorously support from the government in the future.

Bamboo Veneer - An Industry Will be Supported in the Future