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Does Bamboo Veneer Can Really Replace Wood Plank?

At the beginning, bamboo veneer takes the place of wood plank because they are similar. However, people has gradually realized more advantages of bamboo veneer in using such as environment-friendly, smooth surface and bright color. It seems that it is more suitable for furniture use. And it can’t be denied that it has been widely used in some fields, especially in furniture. However, does it can really replace wood plank. Here we will make a comparison from several aspects.

Compared to wood plank, bamboo veneer will give people a kind of pure and fresh feeling naturally. And there is no any chemicals in bamboo veneer, thus it is environment-friendly and suitable for furniture use. People can live in a environment without pollution. As for wood plank, it will be added some kind of chemicals more or less in manufacturing.

Small color difference is one of the characteristics of bamboo veneer, people will see its textile clearly after processing. As for wood plank, the color varies from its species, growth period and so on, which will be difficult for people to tell it is good or not. Generally speaking, the growing period of wood is longer than bamboo, therefore it is difficult to get the high quality wood, and its price is higher naturally. And for bamboo, it grows fast, it is easier to get the raw material. Then the price of bamboo veneer is lower than the wood plank.

But in terms of stability, the wood plank is better than bamboo veneer, the stability of bamboo veneer varies from the climate. And people need to take care of it to extend its service life.

Here we just make a brief analysis from the aspects which people cares most. People may have different opinion. Though it is not perfect for bamboo veneer, but it is enough good for our use. Though it can’t replace wood plank, it will be a good choice for many people.

Does Bamboo Veneer Can Really Replace Wood Plank?