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How to Judge the Quality of Bamboo Veneer

If you want to purchase bamboo veneer, and if this is your first contact with bamboo veneer, you will have no idea about it, please don’t worry, here shares several tips on how to judge the quality of bamboo veneer, you will be a professional quality inspector when you learn these.

1. Look

First, we should have a careful observation on if the surface of bamboo veneer is flat and smooth, which depends from its glue and production equipment. The surface of bamboo veneer is more flat and smooth with enough glue, shapely assembly technology and good production equipment.

2. Listen

If you want to do such test, you need the help of other people. Two person lift up the bamboo veneer in two sides, and then teetertotter it at the same time, then go to listen the noise. If the noise is loud and deep, it means that the bamboo veneer has good hot pressing and high strength, it means it is bad in strength and structure.

3. Tread

For good bamboo veneer with thickness of 8mm, when hang in the sky, it can support a person with the weight of 80kg, if it can’t, then you should worry about its quality.

Generally speaking, it is enough to judge the quality of bamboo veneer when you learn the 3 points above. But if you have factory visit, there are two more points need to know: cook and smell. If the bamboo veneer can be cooked for a long time and still as it be, it is in good quality. People can smell a kind of aroma like rice for bamboo veneer just finished hot pressing, or it means that there is something wrong with the glue matching.

How to Judge the Quality of Bamboo Veneer