Bamboo Flooring USA

US is the biggest market in the world for bamboo flooring. US likes bamboo flooring not because it has cheap price than hardwood, but people really takes care of their environment because bamboo flooring is a really green flooring in the market. Bamboo flooring in US is well promoted and acknowledged by the people. It is very easy to buy bamboo flooring in some major cities because some importers already carry the big stock. People also can buy bamboo flooring from some big stores, like HomeDepot, Walmart, Target etc. Those stores carry standard bamboo flooring which makes sure it is suitable for most of people, if you want to buy some non-standard or unique bamboo flooring, you might consider to buy directly from a bamboo flooring factory in China because China is the only country for producing bamboo flooring in the world.

Both eastern and western part of US, there are some big importers who only import bamboo flooring then get other stores distributing their brand bamboo flooring. They set up the warehouse in Los Angeles and Atlanta.

Here are a few major cities for bamboo flooring.
  • Los Angeles: Close to Shanghai, China, only 2 weeks shipping time.
  • San Francisco: In bay area, there is a company dealing with bamboo flooring and plywood, but price is significantly higher than others.
  • Seattle: A centre for WA state and Vancouver BC for distributing bamboo flooring.
  • Miami: It covers the area of Florida island, also for the country of Bahamas and Cuba.
  • New York: It is metropolitan city which needs a lot of bamboo flooring in the office buildings, apartment and private houses.
  • Chicago: The centre of bamboo flooring for north of US and Lake Michigan area, like Detroit, some Canadian also come across the border to buy bamboo flooring in Chicago.

If you don't live nearby those cities or you want to buy bamboo flooring with better price, you can buy from us directly. It is easy to make the order from us, and Bothbest will arrange the delivery to your facility. Direct-buy-from-factory will save you minimum 50% cost of bamboo flooring. The only thing you need is time because it takes a few weeks - 2 or 4 weeks, depending on your location, to ship bamboo flooring to our factory to your house. But it is worthy. Waiting 2 more weeks, saving 50% cost.

You can find our stock list in Los Angeles at the page:

bamboo flooring usa