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Bamboo Decking: Maintenance | Testing Result | Features

Bamboo Decking Maintenance

Bamboo decking maintenance is important thing you need do after installation and routine maintenance will extend the life of your decking. Bamboo is different than WPC which need not routine maintenance after installation because WPC is plastic, not natural material. Bamboo has to take maintenance because there is natural OSMO oil on the surface of decking. After sunshine, snow, rain and cloud, the oil will volatilize off.

Without natural oil protection, bamboo decking will get moldy, cupping and splitting. Those problems will kill the decking in 3 months. We have seen many customers looking for the help from us about quality problems of bamboo decking and the first question we ask is: do you take routine maintenance after installation? Their answer is NO because the supplier didn't tell them the importance of bamboo decking maintenance.

Maintenance includes replacement and re-oiling.

Replacement: As with any deck, maintenance should be performed during good weather conditions. Replace any damaged boards, clean with mild detergent and sand any rough areas. Then apply a smooth liberal coat of high quality decking oil to the surface. Allow to dry for 24 hours.


Step 1: To clean the decking: Start by washing the deck with deck brightener or soap and water. Let it dry completely.

Step 2: To Apply a new oil coat: Apply a coat of sealant when there is no direct sunlight and when your deck is dry and cool. Roll the oil on the deck (we recommend the client to use a fine knap long handled paint roller). Once you finish the first application, we recommend you go over the whole deck with a clean towel wrapped around a shop broom. It鈥檚 not necessary to wipe the deck dry, but it helps to spread the sealant evenly and sop up the excess.

Bamboo Decking Features and Benefits
  • Earth Friendly
  • Fungus Resistant
  • Low Expansion - Contraction
  • No CCA or ACQ Chemicals
  • High Density: 2-3 times harder than pressure treated pine
  • Easy to install clip method with no visible screw heads
  • LEED Qualified
Bamboo Decking Testing Result
Bamboo Decking vs Ipe vs Wood Plastic Composite vs Pressure Treated
Common NameBamboo DeckingIPEWood Plastic CompositePressure Treated
GradeCompressed bamboo strips, no knots or sapSelected grade, all heart, no knot or sapVaries by manufacturerAvailable grade has many defects

Extremely hard surface

Sealer required in 30+ days

Turns light brown to gray with sun exposure

No splinters, surface stays smooth

Sealer required, patinas to silver gray with small surface checks

Wide range of textures and colors

Easy to clean

Requires no sealer

May fade in color over time

Surface develops splits, checks, boards cup and twist becomes rough and gray to greeen without regular sealing

Decay ResistanceHigh, 30 yearsHigh, 25 yearsVaries by brandVariest with treatment
Fire Rating ClassAA-C-D
Resistance to TermitesHighHighVaries by brandVariest with treatment
MovementLowLowMedium to HighMedium to High
Weight per Cubic Ft70 lbs69 lbs-35-40 lbs
Bending Strength( MOR )20,100 psi25,400 psi3,046 psi14,500 psi
Stiffness ( MOE )210320604961370
Hardness3820 lbs3680 lbs1390 lbs690 lbs