Bamboo Flooring Online Store

Bamboo flooring online store from China bamboo factory supplies wide variety of bamboo products, including bamboo flooring, bamboo panel, bamboo veneer, bamboo tile. The store is directly to retailer and end-user which can save minimum 30-50% than buying from local stores or distributors.

Logistics - easy and convenient

Now logistics is pretty convenient than 5 years ago and Bothbest can offer the delivery service to your house or facility. In China, boat can go many seaports in the world within 5 weeks. Far distance is about 4-5 weeks, nearby seaports will be 2 weeks. For local distributor, you also need wait for 1-2 even 3 weeks to get the flooring because they also wait for the container arrival from China.

Here is the ports which can arrive directly by boat.

  • Europe - Rotterdam, Hamburg, London, Genoa, Le Havre;
  • Australia - Fremantle, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide;
  • USA - Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Miami, New York, Detroit;
  • South America - Colombia, Panama City;

Price - saving up 30% - 50%

Direct bamboo flooring or B2C sale has a very significant price difference than local distributor or retailer. Local retailers need pay the store cost, warehouse cost, employee. With B2C, we keep the stock at the factory and make direct delivery to customers. You just need look through our website and pick up the bamboo you want to order, we will make you a quotation which will be minimum 30-50% less than a quote by local distributor.

Sample - free from local retailer

If you want to see a sample, you can try to get one piece from local distributor or go to their stores by yourself to look what it is. After that, you can place the order to us and tell us which bamboo you want to buy. So, you need not pay a big cost to buy a small sample from China because courier service is expensive, as our experience, $80-$110 is a minimum, depending on distance and country.

Delivery - fast and safe

We will pack bamboo flooring in carton and put cartons on pallet. This packing is seaworthy and safe, no any damages. We send bamboo flooring to shipping company and they load it in container and ship by boat to the ports nearby you.

Quality - high level and 25 years warranty

We are the factory direct sales to consumer or project order and we have same quality control as we did for our regular purchase orders. We make same production, some to large importer and some to direct buy order.

Service - easy to order

As we are online sales, no installation service is available and you need organize this job by yourself. Besides this, we can do any service as local stores are doing, even better than them, because we have first-hand-information on bamboo flooring and can answer the questions from you to clear the doubts.

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