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Why The Bamboo Decking is In Trend This Summer

Anyone who owns a pool in their backyard knows how important a deck is. With the sun out in full bloom it is time to go outdoors and splash in your pool or recline with a book on your elegant deck. While some of you are looking to make a new one, others are fixing their old worn out decks. While you are at it look for a cleaner and greener alternative to the traditional hardwood. Bamboo is the perfect choice for a smart, practical and capable deck by your pool. Bamboo decking not only costs a lot less than hardwood decking but also lasts way longer. Moreover, bamboo is known for its very short generation cycle of 5-8 years in contrast to hardwoods which take 30-70 years to mature. Cutting down of old hardwoods, especially in the Brazilian rainforests, has led to massive ecological damage. Mass scale deforestation to cater to the demand for quality hardwoods is responsible for the global temperature rise and other environmental hazards.

Bamboo, unlike hardwood, does not take such a long time to grow. It is in fact one of the fastest growing plants in the world and one can practically see it grow overnight. Because of its short life cycle the bamboo can be cultivated with minimal damage to the environment. Bamboo grows in large numbers and absorbs more carbon dioxide than hardwoods and its root system helps prevent soil erosion. Bamboo decking is becoming more and more popular amongst many homeowners owing to their sustainability. On top that bamboo decks have very low VOC emission and is considered to be much more environmental friendly than hardwoods.

Hardwoods are tough but bamboo is tougher. Yes that is right. The Janka hardness scale rates the bamboo as one of the top five hardest natural materials. With an incredible capability to handle over 3000lb of force, the bamboo is harder than most commonly available hardwoods such as maple, oak, cherry, ash, ebony, and mahogany. It comes second only to a couple of Brazilian hardwoods like walnut and an Australian hardwood. Bamboo is the new star in the construction industry due to its remarkable toughness and sustainability. Architects now prefer bamboo to hardwood for its astonishing qualities.

This should not come as a surprise considering that bamboo has been widely used throughout Asia to make houses, buildings, furniture, scaffolding and even weapons. Such is the flexibility of bamboo that it finds use in multifarious purposes. bamboo decking costs much less than traditional hardwood decking. While a decent hardwood deck will cost you around $10 per square feet, bamboo decking is more pocket friendly at only $2-$5 per square feet. Bamboo also fits better than hardwood and there is minimal wastage. The ease of installation means you can easily do it yourself and cut down on the installation charge. Furthermore bamboo requires only minimal maintenance and lasts practically a lifetime. So don’t spent more money on hardwood when it is causing so much damage to the environment when you have a more sustainable and cheaper choice in the bamboo.

Bamboo decking also looks stunning and will become your neighbor’s envy. A solid and fashionable deck is every homeowner’s pride and with the bamboo you get the best of both worlds. The bamboo’s natural grains offer a natural beauty to your deck. The rich variety of color schemes will add a touch of sophistication to your deck all the while keeping the rustic charm of the bamboo. To be honest bamboo looks as good as hardwood if not better. The exquisite and intricate patterns of the strand woven bamboo and the warmth it offers brings about a feel of luxury every time you step onto it.

Decks are meant to be outdoors and they bear the brunt of the sun and many a heavy footfall. You must choose wisely the ideal material for your deck. Here is where the bamboo comes in. Bamboo is naturally resistant to pests and bacteria thus your bamboo decking is safe from rotting. Engineered bamboo is processed in a hot solution of boric acid to eliminate any residual sugar and insects in the bamboo. This prevents further infestation and helps your bamboo fight off moulds, parasites and even moisture. It is impervious to dents and scratches making it one of the best choices for a deck.

Why The Bamboo Decking is In Trend This Summer