Factors to Keep in Mind When Selecting Good Quality Bamboo Veneer

This is no unknown thing that bamboo has gained a predominant place when it comes to modern day furniture, flooring and fitting needs. Ideally, construction workers and homeowners by now have realized that ‘Moso’ variety is by far the best in the market. Most plantation workers also ensure that these varieties are there in larger numbers and scarcity doesn’t arise for the growth period is relatively short as well.

Coming to the basics, how to determine which quality of bamboo veneer suits your purpose? Of course, everyone knows that ‘Moso’ is great, but then extraction of veneer is a pivotal factor to distinguish one quality from the other. This can happen only when the manufacturing process is known.

You can take a look at the following to understand the selection of good bamboo veneer:


When compared to ‘Moso’, the ordinary bamboo fibers lack on several grounds, like density, tensile strength, toughness, de-molding property, waterproof performance, thermal conductivity, etc. For anyone who is a freshman, visiting the factory in person and conducting an on-the-spot investigation works wonders. Only after doing such will one gain an idea about the exact bamboo type to use.


No bamboo veneer’s quality can be adjudged at the first look only. This is largely because most defects surface after they have been exposed while using. Only after that can one make a judgment about whether it’s the right fit or not. So always choose the bamboo veneer that’s made by a manufacturer having exceptional technological skills and definitely, recognition.

Moisture content

The standard for moisture content in bamboo veneer varies as per the climatic conditions and humidity of regions. In case, the bamboo veneer gets affected by moisture, it can turn blank completely and thereby become lackluster. It is for this reason people working with bamboo should be particularly wary about control of the moisture content prior to utilizing the same.

Lacquer drenching

For those unaware, bamboo veneer is basically a green product and that’s why you see the number of pores present on the surface. So it becomes essential that lacquer drenching happens for the 6 surfaces. Now what is lacquer drenching? By dipping it deep into the high-finish lacquer, a smooth shine and great moisture content is imparted to the product. The application of the process becomes essential to prevent the bamboo from warping.

Gluing technology

Bamboo veneer takes very high temperature and pressure to be made. Specialists working with it know the strict testing standards when it comes to both and the gluing technology. There are plenty of manufacturers who cheat on the workmanship and materials to reduce cost, and the final products are naturally failures when it is about gluing.


There is no doubt that choosing your supplier is a work of art and intelligence. The rapid development of bamboo veneer and its widespread application has given way to making a wide array of furniture and fittings. But the pertinent question is- how to determine factors in selecting the right supplier? After all, product delivery, quality, lead time, inventory levels and the like determines choice of supplier.

- Quality

A supplier survives on the kind of quality of the product he’s known to provide. The value of bamboo veneer is governed largely on the basis of its quality. In order to conform to standards of competitiveness and market share, these are factors that cannot be negated under any cost. And for veneer, nothing can be practically detected by the naked eye; so better to have a factory visit.

- Pricing

Once the bamboo veneer is bought at a low price, there can be a lot of development on the improvement of competitiveness and profitability grounds. Of course, you must be checking on the supplier who provides the lowest cost. But then again, prices of bamboo veneer vary largely on the type of materials, manufacturing processes and also considering delivery and transport expenses.

- Service

Service is equal to integrity. So, a supplier with more integrity will be more trustworthy than most other competitors in the market.

There are several other considerations to take note of as well, when it comes to selection of bamboo veneer. Keep these in mind and you will never have to look back again.

Factors to Keep in Mind When Selecting Good Quality Bamboo Veneer