Bamboo Postcard

Bamboo postcard is a subsidiary product of bamboo veneer in multiple layers. Bamboo postcard is pressed by 0.6mm thickness bamboo veneer in 4 layers into 2mm thickness in total. There are 4 different styles or options - coffee color horizontal grain, coffee color vertical grain, natural color horizontal grain and natural color vertical grain. Bamboo postcard is an amazing, beautiful and fashion postcard rather than paper and wood.

Bamboo veneer has very high strength and flexibility. That means it will not get cracked and broken easily. Bamboo postcard can't be produced by single layer of bamboo panel for example 2mm thickness because single layer of bamboo panel can split easily and get bending when moisture is too high.

After pressed and sand, laminated veneer board will be cut into needed sizes, then bamboo board will be sent into the laser machine for engrave. In the machine, bamboo board will be engraved with letters, logo and picture.

Bothbest bamboo veneer is all FSC certified that means raw bamboo materials are under custody control. Our bamboo are well-organized plantation and science administration. Bamboo poles will be harvested at mature age.

When you send bamboo postcard, you are making the real action for global environment protection. Bamboo is a fast growing and real green material. Enjoy bamboo postcard, you will be proud of it.

Standard size: 10 x 15cm

Minimum quantity: 300 pieces

bamboo postcard
bamboo postcard