Item No.BB - W10
ProductWheat Board
Size2440 x 1220 x 18 mm

Wheat board is a kind of new eco friendly and No-formaldehyde-emission board. Wheat board is a suitable and good substitute for formaldehyde emitting MDF board and OSB board, that meets or surpasses the characteristics of similar commercially available products.

In the past of China, wheat stalks will be burned off and the burning creates a lot of landfill waste and pollution. Now, we are developing a new product - wheat board which is produced from the wheat stalks. The process includes cleaning raw materials, crushing the wheat stalks, drying, gluing, pressing, cooling, clipping and sanding.

The advantage of wheat board:

MDI glue which is non-toxic and no formaldehyde emission

Low rate of swelling and good stability

Sound insulation

Low weight

Free of insects

Strong screw holding power

Wheat board manufacturing process:

Sraw, wheat, maize, cotton stalks - cutting raw materials - Hammer smashing - Air separation - Drying - Filtering - Polishing - Gluing - Paving - Transversal cutting - Hot pressing - Colling - Vertical and horizontal trimming - Stacking - Sanding - Stacking - Inspection before delivery

Wheat Board Usage in Each Thickness
Size ( MM )Density - kg/m3Usage
2440x1220x5700-800Cabinet cover, Accoustic panels
2440x1220x8400-500Photo frame, Drawing board
2440x1220x9700-800Cabinet cover, Accoustic panels
2440x1220x12700-800Cabinet cover, Accoustic panels
2440x1220x12800-900Flooring, Sound-absorbing panels
2440x1220x16700-800Cabinet cover, Accoustic panels
2440x1220x18700-800Cabinet cover, Accoustic panels
2440x1220x25700-800Cabinet cover, Accoustic panels
2440x1220x35500-550Door core, Interios door
2440x1220x40480-500Door core, Interios door
Technical Data between Wheat Board, OSB with MDF
Material Wheat Board OSB MDF
Adhesive 3.5 >3.0 >6.0
Internal Bond ( Mpa ) 0.43 0.82 1.30
Surface Bond ( Mpa ) 0.96 1.43 /
Modulus of Elasticity ( Mpa ) 2,232 2,559 4,300
Density ( Kg / M3 ) 628 557 750
Screw holding power 870 / 750 795 / 648 1,550 / 1,000
Water absorbsion ( %, 24hr immersion ) 2.32 3.77 3.00
wheat board
wheat board
wheat board
wheat board
wheat board