Bamboo Pole

Bamboo is between one tenth and one hundredth the weight of other building materials, yet in many applications it's: more durable, more economical, and more aesthetic than concrete, steel.

Bamboo Poles are sustainably harvested from 3-5 year old bamboo in order to achieve maximum wall thickness and density. Every bamboo pole undergoes a natural curing process to ensure strength, longevity, and beauty. Bamboo poles possess incredible structural properties allowing for innovative construction applications. Since bamboo is hollow and designed by nature to bend, it can be incorporated into unique design elements that cannot be achieved with most other structural materials.

We offer bamboo poles for a variety of uses including fence-making, trellises, furniture, gazebos, arbors, interior design accents and more. We offer several species of bamboo poles, each varying in color, diameter, and use.

Bamboo Poles Dimensions

• Bamboo Pole Length: 2.9m, 5.9m

Bamboo Poles Diameters

• 3.50 - 4.40 cm

• 4.50 - 5.40 cm

• 5.50 - 6.40 cm

• 7.50 - 8.40 cm

• 8.50 - 9.40 cm

• 9.50 - 10.40 cm

• Over 10.50 cm

Disclaimer: Bamboo poles' diameter may differ slightly than the diameter listed. Bamboo poles taper naturally and the diameter of the pole is measured at its thickest point, the base. Colors may vary and poles are susceptible to cracking. As cracking is unpreventable, please be prepared to receive some poles that have cracked during standard shipping procedures.

bamboo pole
bamboo pole
bamboo pole
bamboo pole
bamboo pole