Wood Decking OR Bamboo Decking

In the vast world of outdoor flooring, especially in the Decking sector, you are always looking for new materials that allow maximum benefits to a minimum of maintenance. Bamboo Decking has to go through a series of steps that include: cutting rods, treating, recoiling and slatting. Bamboo is classified as grass and is among the most abundant resources on the planet. Material, therefore, come with an important environmental certifications.

Prefinished bamboo parquet is a happy synthesis of beauty, convenience and cost containment. Those who have already chosen a Bamboo floor - for their own home, office, or high-attendance - recognize the essential qualities. And he advises it to his friends, relatives and acquaintances seeking an aesthetic and practical solution.

Here are 8 reasons to choose a decking in bamboo:

1. NATURAL BEAUTY: Bamboo is a completely natural product; all of the parquet is in pure noble essence without the addition of other precious wood or surface dyes; this will make your home atmosphere cozy and restful, as well as greetings. As a natural material, the touch is fresh in summer and warm in the winter.

2. EXTREMELY RESISTANT TO GRAFFI: Bamboo has a hardness superior to the most common parquet wood and has excellent mechanical properties (durable and strength-to-the-floor-to-spots lightweight - also called "natural steel" - high modulus of elasticity, low retention, remarkable stability); All this results in a durable and always beautiful floor without any worries about continuous rows or scratches.

3. PRICE: Convenience is a key element in the choice of flooring. Bamboo floors of equal quality are less expensive than classic solid wood pallets, just because the raw material regenerates spontaneously.

4. RESISTANT TO MACHINES AND LIQUIDS: A bamboo parquet is easy to clean and tends to not absorb dirt; In fact, the special design of the Swedish brand BONA protects your flooring from most stains caused by dropping liquids such as coffee, oil, vinegar, etc. Take a test with the samples we will send to you! To keep it as new, you can use a simple broom or vacuum cleaner and the usual mocha (VERY well wrung with a neutral detergent). No wax must be given.

5. ECOLOGICAL: no deforestation, bamboo is a spontaneous growth grass: to produce your own floor no trees will be felled! We are even the only Italian company to which Greenpeace has awarded 10/10 rating for certified source and low environmental impact of the material. In fact, we use raw material from responsibly managed forests (FSC) and during production we use European adhesives and finishes, which help to create a cleaner and healthier living environment for you and your family.

6. TOXICITY RESISTANCE: Bamboo is distinguished by high moisture resistance and has little known antibacterial properties (tampon and mold proof, anti-allergic).

7. STABILITY: If well worked, this material has a remarkable stability; this means that compared to other woods contrasts better the natural expansion and contraction of the palette due to variations in humidity or temperature.

8. FIRE RESISTANCE: bamboo combustion has a spin time longer than in other woods and develops flames only at very high temperatures; If a cigarette bite falls on a table, do not worry: it will not only burn, but there will not be any stain.

But what makes it so special as a floor?

A secret carbonization process gives you the quality in terms of hardness, stability and unbelievable design. We are in front of the only floor in the world, 100% natural, almost indistinguishable from wood, which does not even move a millimeter! This last point is fundamental, since those who have already had to deal with both wood and composite flooring have certainly had to struggle to control their stability over temperature fluctuations.

Bamboo and wood composite Decking has been recognized in the market, becoming the ideal material for establishments such as the home, the Hotel and even sports and entertainment establishments, for interior decoration. Ultimately, bamboo and wood composite decking is a kind of earthwork material that fits the concept of environmental protection because of bamboo as the main raw material, while China is also a big country of bamboo resources.

Wood Decking OR Bamboo Decking