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Why Is Bamboo Plywood Becoming So Wide In The Market?

One of the key factors in the uptake of bamboo as a building material has been its sustainability. Since, bamboo grows so fast that it can produce 20 times more timber than trees on the same area of land. This fast growing grass is self-renewing and it even regrows after cutting down from the existing root structure. Bamboo plywood is one of the most beautiful items we have in the warehouse with its natural rich color variations.

Farming methods are also much greener than some others and areas of forestation can be cut down by hand rather than using fossil fuel hungry machines. As compared to the trees, it has a very short cropping cycle of between 4 and 6 years before you can cut it compared to 30-60 years for comparable trees.

Bamboo Plywood Comes In Different Styles And A Combination Of Three Main Factors:

Grain: The surface appearance of the plywood which can be grains like vertical, horizontal and strand woven. Vertical and horizontal are used most often in modern designs while the strand woven grain looks more like traditional wood.

Thickness: Bamboo plywood comes in sheets that are as thin as 1/4? and goes all the way up to 1 & 1/2? in thickness. The 1 or 1/2? thick panels are the most known ones for countertops and butcher block type furniture.

Color: Bamboo plywood is available in several colors and can also be custom-stained. The three prime colors are natural (blonde), carbonized (brown/honey), and tiger (neopolitan/zebra/marbled) which is a combination of natural and carbonized.

The surface finish of bamboo is smooth and the material is very hard, quite similar to hardwoods. The Bamboo Plywood can be cut with regular tools. In case, you are cutting the plywood with a table saw, tape the edges to prevent flaking or tearing. If you are fastening the bamboo, be sure to pre-drill any holes. Also remember, since it is plywood at the end of the day, it may split easily if you don't pre-drill.

Why Is Bamboo Plywood Becoming So Wide In The Market?