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Choose Bamboo Plywood or Wood Plywood for Furniture Usage

When it comes to furniture use, people are interested but careful. For most of people, home is precious for them, then everything involved in the decoration or furniture use will be paid much attention. Now many people have no idea on which one they should prefer, bamboo plywood or wood plywood?

From the point of comfortable, both the bamboo plywood and wood plywood are warm in winter and cool in summer, as both the bamboo and wood have the low thermal conductivity, people can walk on it directly with barefoot in every season.

From the environmental health, it is obvious that bamboo plywood will outweigh the wood plywood, it is fast-growing, easily available if compared to the physical and mechanical properties of wood. And the government are advocating the application of bamboo plywood now because extensive deforestation in the past few years has had a bad effect for our living environment.

Of course it is known that bamboo plywood is not a patch on wood plywood from their stability and durability, bamboo plywood will be affected easily by the weather, but actually it can be avoided if we can find the high quality bamboo plywood and suitable maintenance. And the price of superior bamboo plywood is not cheaper than the wood plywood.

There is no doubt that bamboo plywood will lead the fashion in furniture use in the future. It is the best time to purchase the high class bamboo plywood , or you will miss the chance to get the high quality bamboo plywood in such low price. BothBest Bamboo Flooring is a reliable supplier and exporter of bamboo products, people can refer to company for the details.

Choose Bamboo Plywood or Wood Plywood for Furniture Usage