Vertical Bamboo Decking

Bamboo decking is getting so popular in the market and we can see it will have the second largest sales quantity after interior bamboo flooring. People really like bamboo decking because it has very high density and durable quality, the most important is the color. People like this caramel color, not so dark, not so light, just the right color. Ipe decking has good quality, but color is really dark, looks not so natural, but bamboo looks very beautiful.

Strand bamboo decking is produced from strand woven bamboo block in hot press, not cold process. Cold process has unstable quality. Strand woven bamboo board has a high janka rating than hardwoods which is more suitable for outdoor applications. Strand bamboo decking is good quality, but just one option.

In order to offer more options for the client, Bothbest makes new bamboo decking - vertical bamboo decking. Normally, vertical bamboo is always for interior flooring or panels. Now, we take special treatment on the pressing to make vertical bamboo suitable for exterior also. This changes and increases the usage areas of vertical bamboo at all. In the past, vertical bamboo is afraid of outside because sunshine, rain and snow will destroy it very fast. Now, we press it with special glue which is stronger than interior bamboo's. After pressing, we make the groove and profile and oil it with high-end quality oil.

Vertical bamboo decking has natural bamboo color and the length can be 2500mm, much longer than 1830mm of strand bamboo decking. It is 1 ply board. Vertical bamboo decking has rib on one side and grooves on both edges. It has very low shrinkage and swelling, 0.14% per 1.0% changing on the moisture content.

Vertical bamboo decking size: 2500 x 140 x 20mm

Vertical bamboo decking color: carbonized

vertical bamboo decking
vertical bamboo decking
vertical bamboo decking