Stained Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring in solid is 2 colors available - natural and caramel. Bamboo flooring in strand woven is 3 colors available - natural, caramel and tiger. Actually, bamboo has one original color - natural. In the factory, we send natural bamboo strips into carbonizing pot with steam in 45 minutes, bamboo color changes to caramel or carbonized. This makes 2 basically colors. In strand woven process, we mix natural with caramel strips together to make a new color - tiger.

Bamboo is very different than wood which has so many colors available. Hardwood is in so many species and each specie has various colors and tones. For example, oak is a very popular hardwood and it has its own color from its harvesting place, European oak is different than American oak. Even in America, north is darker than south. For bamboo, it is exactly same color from different locations. So, we have to make the different colors in coating process for bamboo flooring.

In the coating, we apply 7 layers totally, in the first layer, we will apply the color on bamboo flooring. The color is inside of coating. The adhesion is important or the color will fade and the coating will fall off after installation. Bothbest only chooses the best quality coating for bamboo flooring to ensure quality is high level and consistent.

The most popular colors for bamboo flooring is red, black, cherry, walnut. After stained, bamboo flooring looks very like of wood. For the color, it can be stained on horizontal natural, horizontal caramel, vertical natural and vertical caramel for solid. Each type will have different effect for the same color. Red stain on horizontal natural is lighter than horizontal caramel.

Size of stained bamboo flooring in solid: 960 x 96 x 15mm.

Size of stained bamboo flooring in strand woven: 1850 x 96 x 14mm.

When you decide to go with dyed bamboo flooring, please kindly specify the color you need, also the grain and original color of bamboo flooring, like horizontal, vertical or strand woven; natural or caramel as original.

stained bamboo flooring
stained bamboo flooring
colored bamboo flooring
dyed bamboo flooring