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Bamboo Surfboard

Bamboo surfboard is new design and option for conventional surfboards. The skin is bamboo veneer - non-toxic and eco friendly material, the core is non-toxic polystyrene foam which reduces the waste and is recyclable. A water proof semi gloss film finish is the final coating; the film finish is easy to repair with epoxy.

Bamboo surfboard manufacturing process: Deciding the material - EPS or IXPS, Marking on the board, Cutting the board into shape, Laminating bamboo veneer on the board, Vacuuming, Resin, Installing fins, Sanding, Lacquering, Polishing and Packing.

Bamboo veneer as the skin is 15% lighter than normal surfboard in fiberglass. It could help you have more control and speed in turns. Bamboo veneer is non-toxic material and you are surfing with a healthy board. Bamboo is really strong and flexible. Bamboo is twice of strength than fiberglass and 6 times than steel. Bamboo surfboard is more flexible, lighter and dent-resistant than other boards, allowing for more radical surfing maneuvers.

Bamboo surfboard is your new fin to surf in the ocean. Bamboo surfboard is more durable and flexible than conventional surfboard. Bamboo surfboard offers a super fast and responsive ride and bamboo natural flex will enhance the performance when riding on the weaves. Bamboo surfboard is lighter, stronger and more environmentally than normal surfboard, like fiberglass. Bamboo surfboard is coated by resin to prevent from bending or cupping after long time in the sea.

Bamboo surfboard is in 3 sizes:

A: 9' x 23 3/4" x 3"

B: 8'6" x 23" x 3"

C: 8' x 23" x 3"

bamboo surfboard
bamboo surfboard
bamboo surfboard