Sports Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is regularly installed in residential - house, apartment and commercial - shopping mall, hotel, and restaurant. Most of architects never thought bamboo flooring can be a new choice for sport places, like basketball, gym. Sports area has very high requirements for the flooring quality, like flooring hardness, flooring elasticity and professional installation.

Bothbest is famous for producing kinds of bamboo flooring, from residential to commercial, now we put effort on sport bamboo flooring because we are seeing it has a great demand in the future. People are boring to see old hardwood flooring or laminate flooring. They want to see something new and unique. Bamboo flooring is the right option to replace wood.

Bothbest sports bamboo flooring is 3 layers, cross-section structure. Thickness is 22mm. Residential and commercial bamboo flooring is all 15mm or 14mm. We increase 5mm thickness to provide more elasticity and stronger. Face and bottom layers are horizontal bamboo in 5mm each layer, core is vertical bamboo in 12mm. Vertical bamboo has a little high density than horizontal. Vertical core is more durable in the sports places with large feet traffic.

Standard bamboo flooring is single tongue and groove, our sport bamboo flooring is double tongue and groove, this makes flooring connected more tightly, no losing in the big movement on the top. Face layer can be both horizontal and vertical grain, natural and caramel color. So, the architects and designers can have 4 different options, not just one.

Professional installation is another point. The installation consists of 4 layers, first layer is bamboo flooring or wood flooring, second layer is plywood in the size of 2440x1220x15mm, third layer is subfloor in the size of 3660x50x40mm or 2000x60x40mm, last layer is rubber pad in the size of 90x25x13mm.

Sport bamboo flooring size: 1000 x 146 x 22mm

According to DIN standard, a good sports flooring should be:

Vertical bending of sports floor: MIN 53% (not less than 53%), the sports ground by the force of the impact on athletes fall downward deformation

Plane bending of sports floor: MIN 2.3mm (not less than 2.3mm), to test the 20 "area of the sports ground deformation by athletes shocks

Rolling load of sports floor: MAX 15% (less than 15%), it is available for trolleys to the presence of sports equipment on the ground rolling, can withstand a 150 kg car load on Lun 1500N consistent

Sliding coefficient of sports floor: OK, test athletes in the sliding distance of the soles and the floor exercise

sports bamboo flooring
sports bamboo flooring
sports bamboo flooring
sports bamboo flooring
sports bamboo flooring