Sound Proof Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is beautiful and natural because of its raw material. Bamboo flooring has been widely installed in the places with high requirement of silence, like library, reading room, studying room for its sound proof advantage, also durable and stable quality. Rooms in high building will meet the problem of noise reduction for downstairs when upstairs have some big movement, like kids running, jumping.

Bamboo flooring can be installed with nail-down installation and glue-down installation. Nail-down installation will make bamboo flooring nailed on the sub-floor. This installation could have a slightly noisy when walking on it. Glue-down installation has no noisy, but the foot-feel is very uncomfortable.

Bothbest produces standard bamboo flooring and glues 2mm EVA on the back of bamboo flooring to make sound proof bamboo flooring. Standard bamboo flooring is 15mm thickness, with 2mm EVA, sound proof bamboo flooring can be glued on the ground as the underlay. EVA has 2 major points - acoustic and moisture protection. 2mm EVA can really reduce the sound when walking on the bamboo, also it is very good at protecting bamboo from moisture in the ground.

Sound proof bamboo flooring size: 960 x 96 x 15mm+2mm

Sound proof bamboo flooring colors: natural, carbonized, tiger

Sound proof bamboo flooring grains: horizontal, vertical, strand woven

Sound proof bamboo flooring features:

1) Reduce the sound and noise of flooring to achieve effect mute

2) Direct installation on concrete, no need of foam or sub floor

3) Buffer the pressure effect, make comfortable foot feeling

sound proof bamboo flooring
sound proof bamboo flooring