Rotary Cut Bamboo Veneer

Bamboo veneer was introduced into market since 2000, in the beginning, the factory did learn the manufacturing process from wood veneer production. Wood veneer is rotary cut from wood logs and this is a very efficient and high capacity process. But for bamboo veneer, it is completely not suitable because bamboo is hollow and only the outer skin can be rotary cut. This has very low efficiency and limit capacity.

Bamboo veneer has 2 manufacturing processes from the beginning - rotary cut and slicing. In the factory's producing experience, they found slicing bamboo veneer is much better than rotary cut. The slicing blocks will be glued and pressed from well-treated bamboo strips. Bamboo blocks are at production all the time and this is very large quantity than just the bamboo stem or stalks. Rotary cut needs very fresh bamboo poles and very quick production because earlier production has more natural and clean color. Slicing doesn't have the time limit on the production.

Rotary cut bamboo veneer has very even color because it is from same bamboo stem. Slicing bamboo veneer has special color matching control to avoid big color variation. But, it still has slightly color difference sheet to sheet because bamboo strips are pressed together by mixing different bamboo stalks.

Rotary cut only can have one unique grain - parallel bamboo nodes which mean bamboo nodes are on one straight line and line to line is parallel. Slicing can have horizontal and vertical grain, bamboo nodes are random. To say the difference between rotary cut with slicing, parallel nodes are the biggest difference. Rotary cut bamboo veneer is in the rolls only and slicing bamboo veneer is in flat sheets.

Rotary cut bamboo veneer size: 400 x 600 x 0.2mm.

Color: natural or carbonized

Rotary cut bamboo veneer has very small size and limited capacity, also, there is few of demands for this veneer. In the market, sliced bamboo veneer is the majority in the sales and production. Only 1 or 2 factories for rotary cut veneer but many factories for sliced bamboo veneer.