Refinish Flooring - Hardwood & Bamboo

Hardwood flooring in a few years of use, paint chips, stains, holes and scratches, greatly influenced the decorative effect. In paint chips, if water stains, traces of oil into the floor will not restore the original, and even affect the normal use. Therefore, many people in the home renovation will usually replace new flooring.

Not all flooring can be refinished

  • Currently on the market, there are so many of floor styles. Not all floors can be refinished. Laminate flooring surface is with a layer of aluminum oxide wear layer, floor refinishing will destroy its wear-resistant layer, so laminate flooring can't be refinished. Surface thickness of only 4 mm solid hardwood flooring, engineered wood flooring and bamboo flooring can be refinished.
  • Flooring refinish is to sand off flooring surface in 1 mm to 2 mm, then put putty, paint, wax and other treatment processes, so the old flooring is new fresh again.

What kind of flooring need be refinished?

  • Hardwood flooring installed over a decade, although no deformation, cracking, but the surface had been worn, no gloss, deep scratches, even a hangnail, then it is the right time to refinish your flooring immediately under professional service.

Surface thickness deciding refinishing

  • It depends on the thickness of the floor surface, because the sanding is certainly reduced the surface layer thickness, and each time sanding will probably wear off 1-2 mm, if the surface layer is not thick enough, the core will come out after sanding, affecting the life of solid hardwood flooring. Engineered wood flooring with multi-layer, its surface layer is generally in the range 0.6 to 1 mm, this kind of engineered flooring can't be refinished. The 3-layer engineered wood flooring with the surface layer thickness of 4 mm, after refinishing, will not affect the flooring core. If the floor surface is too thin, it will be sanded out of the middle layer and affecting the life of the floor, we must ensure that the floor surface layer thickness is greater than 4 mm.

Refinish can save 30% to 40% than buy new flooring

  • Many hardwood flooring was only partially damaged on surface, primary wood is still intact. After applied in many years, it has been very stable hardwood flooring, and VOC is zero. It is a great deal of waste for the whole replacement.
  • In addition, raw materials of flooring are getting expensive than before because wood forest is much less, plus workers' salary, transportation cost increasing, all these make flooring price much higher. Refinish the flooring is economic renovation.
  • With various refinishing process, it costs about usd8.00 to usd14.00 per square meter to refinish the flooring. It is only 30-40% of new flooring cost. Also, hardwood flooring can be refinished several times without destroying the look of flooring.
Refinish flooring steps
  • old flooring

    Old Hardwood flooring ready for refinishing

  • 1) To sand off the paint on top surface for hardwood or bamboo, total is about 0.5mm, flooring surface need be sanded very fine and smooth. For the edges, it can be sanded by small angle grinder.
    sand off paint

    Sanding off surface paint on hardwood flooring

  • 2) The original transparent putty need be completely removed, re-sealed seam and seal the primer for entire flooring and get flooring dry.
  • 3) When primer is dry, put the first sealer. Get it dry.
  • 4) To sand the surface with water sandpaper carefully to get a little rough, remove the sanding power.
  • 5) To proceed 3-4 times of above process get 3-4 layers of sealer, and final sealer is no sanding.
  • 6) When last sealer is dry, wax flooring and polish it.
    refreshed flooring

    Flooring is being refinished

Refinish flooring tips:

In order to ensure the quality of the floor refinishing, Bothbest recommends using professional grinding machine. In addition, before sanding, all items should be moved out of the house, to ensure that when the house clean and dust-free paint. Damage flooring, mildew and deformation, is very difficult to refinish. Because the mildew is usually deep inside of the floor, polished surface might still have moldy spots, deformation and damage can't be remedied by grinding.