Laminate Flooring Buying Guide

Laminate flooring has the huge demand in the flooring market because of price and quick installation. There are various advantages for laminate flooring and Bothbest would like to list them to share with the people as the buying guide. Laminate flooring is in largest capacity and one day one small factory can produce over 5 20' containers. Of course, quality also is very different from factory to factory. There are 2 important issues for the quality, first is the flooring base, second is the wear resistant surface.

The base can be HDF, MDF and green material. Better quality, less formaldehyde emission. Wear resistant surface totally decided the quality of laminate flooring. Standard wear layer with anti-scratch is 6000 rolls and some factories will do 4500 rolls, even 3000 rolls, even less, depending on the price.

Laminate flooring has a few advantages compared with hardwood floor and bamboo flooring.

  • Wear Resistant Surface:

    Laminate flooring is the most superficial layer of wear specially treated, can achieve very high hardness, using a sharp hard objects such as keys to scratch, it will not leave marks. The greatest benefit of this advantage is that daily life you need not protect the floor so carefully on daily life.

    As wear-resistant surface layer of laminate flooring, which consists of distribution of aluminum oxide composition, reflecting the enhanced wear resistance of the floor, "the number of wear-resistant," mainly by the density of aluminum oxide decision. In general, more dense of the distribution of aluminum oxide, the higher the number of wear-resistant flooring.

    However, the wear resistant layer is not equal durable. Choose durable laminate flooring, the real concern is the need of special convex slot floor bite is close, the substrate is strong, the formaldehyde emission is less, colors are natural.

  • Rich + Fashion Colors:

    The decorative layer of laminate flooring is normally provided by computers to imitate, to simulate various types of wood species, hardwood flooring patterns, imitation stone, and can even create a unique pattern which is not found in nature yet.

  • Easy to Care or Maintenance:

    As the wear-resistant surface layer of laminate flooring has good abrasion resistance, compressive strength, impact resistance and fire retardant, anti-chemical pollution and other properties, in everyday use, simply wrung cloth, mop or vacuum cleaner to clean, if flooring greasy, stains, wipe with a cloth cleaner can.

  • Easy to Install:

    Laminate flooring has tongue and groove on 4 edges, its installation, simply fit the tongue and groove with each other to form accurate snap to the same time, laminate flooring can be installed directly on the ground or other surface of the floor, no need of sub floor. In addition, laminate flooring can be installed from anywhere in the room, simple and quick.

  • Excellent Price - cheap

    Laminate flooring is consisted of wear layer, decorative layer, the substrate and the balance layer. The wear layer, decorative layer and the balance layer are artificial printed paper. The substrate layer is used fast-growing forest timber production, much lower cost than solid wood flooring with large-scale production, relatively cost-effective.

Laminate flooring is not the perfect flooring and it also has disadvantages:

  • Fear of water, high moisture:

    Laminate flooring substrate is made of high density board or medium density board with low density and high coefficient of expansion. After installation, if water goes into laminate flooring and water isn't wiped off, flooring will be deforming and foaming after swelling. Its moisture resistance properties are not strong, and stability is less in a wet environment.

  • Poor decorative effect:

    Laminate flooring surface is wear layer and decorative layer, which are paper printed by using bionic technology, Compared with natural wood, the laying effect is distortion and visual effect is more blunt.

  • Bad foot feeling:

    Laminate flooring is always 8mm thickness of MDF or HDF, foot feeling is pretty cold and hard.. People can't feel comfort when walking on it.

laminate flooring buying guide