How to Restore Water Damage Hardwood Flooring

Summer is coming, raining is getting often than winter and spring. Sometimes, it is heavy rain, sometimes, it is thunder rain, you never when it happens. In the morning, we go the office leaving open of the windows to exchange the air in the room with outside. When we leave it is sunshine, after hour, rain is coming. Windows are open, flooring get water. How can be repaired?

  • First, if wood flooring get water damage, it need to drain surface water at the shortest possible time. At the same time take the vacuum cleaner in the gap bubble sucked water vapor, or get cold dry with hair dryer, but do not use hot air to prevent surface cracking due to deformation caused by dry heat.
  • Second, the deformation of the cupping has been soaked wood flooring, the best replacement is not recommended arch part of the warping and re-paint, because some of the board after warping to re-paint, leads with other boards color Lack of coordination, and the entire board of uneven thickness, the balance is different, prone to pit.
  • Third, if there is a large area of water damage, shall promptly phone the flooring installation company and wood floor should be moved out without making the flooring bending. The flooring should be stacked under a dry place. Do not put flooring under sunshine exposure, normally, good quality flooring should be installed again.
  • Fourth, if it is a small area of water damage, it is recommended not to pry the floor to dry, this will not cause the injury or damage for the floor, leading to serious consequences which can't be re-installed. Best to remove the floor of the baseboard rapidly, exposing the expansion joints, expansion joints by the water vapor distribution will be completed, according to the amount of seepage of different sizes, dry up and usually completed in three to ten days.

After the rescue, after all, is passive, a rainy day is a good choice. Always pay more attention to the distinction between the big windows, to prevent Turbulence; bath from the bedroom to change shoes; routine check air conditioning, plumbing pipes and washing machine is leaking. Floor wax from the current major role in cleaning and maintenance, not water soaked, prevention is the key, maintenance is a last resort solution.

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