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Everything You Ought to Know About Bamboo Plywood

The fact that we have started falling for bamboo fittings, floorings and furniture makes complete sense. Given the enormous growth rate of the plant and most important, widespread availability alongside budget, bamboo is now preferred in most households. Even construction workers or woodworkers have discovered how beneficial it can be to use this product instead of wood counterparts.

Making of Bamboo Plywood

Bamboo plywood has emerged to be a great alternative to traditional lumber. But the process of making is quite a complex job. This is how it happens:

The thin strips of bamboo are first boiled, dried and glued tightly so that it is pressed down. The diameter is limited and so the plant is cut and laminated to form long sheets or solid boards. But all this happens when the strips are kept parallel and then pressed together. To ensure stability, three or more layers are joined.

But there lies a difference when plywood is used and also when lumber is chosen. The latter is pressed using low VOC resin and only renewable resources. The plant that is used in this case is processed under extreme pressure and very high temperature. Now it can be pressed in either vertical grain, horizontal or strand woven. When it comes to interiors of buildings or projects, the vertical or horizontal grains are mostly made use of, while the wall panels or house exteriors require strand woven grains, which is a cold pressed process.

The bamboo plywood is of three different grades and that is determined at the time of its harvest, the plant’s age and rain it got, aside the other environmental factors accounting for its hardness. Customers often choose the unfinished varieties, while few buy in a wide range of finishes.

What most people are unaware is that bamboo is a great substitute for steel and wood and its formwork improves quality and affordability. So where is the material used?


Bamboo plywood is very tough and water resistant, long lasting and naturally, sustainable. You can check for the floorboards made of bamboo and then assess how hard, resistant and stable it is than oak.

Counter tops and kitchen cupboards

Gone are the days of marble and composite stone based kitchen tops. Bamboo plywood has the added advantage of being fabricated to any design choice and requires little or no maintenance.

So if you want counter tops made of bamboo plywood, it’s useful to know the following:

- Three types of grains exist- horizontal, vertical, strand woven; all of which has variations in appearance.

- Strand woven type is made of compressed bamboo and is very hard.

- With the plywood, one side is ‘A’ or ‘Front’ and the other is ‘B’ or ‘Back’. The front side has consistency in color and the back is comparatively less.

- The dark shaded ones are those of carbonized bamboo and not the natural type.

Wall Panels

To get the perfectly clean lines, minimal look and sleek beauty, bamboo is now chosen. The look has been out of fashion for quite some time but thankfully, it’s back. This is mainly because kitchen, study and bedroom looks fun and full. Besides, bamboo is very durable and long-lasting that can withstand sever pressure and the colors impart a different look to the room altogether.

Butcher’s Blocks

There are materials called bamboo plywood butcher’s blocks. In fact, that’s not the only one made from such an eco-friendly product pertaining to the kitchen. Even spoons, spatulas, bowls, plates, containers and several such utensils look wonderful in the house. One thing that must be kept in mind is that the counter top of this type is made of end grain bamboo plywood, which is particularly meant for hard work in kitchens.

Choosing the best variety

The task of choosing the best quality of bamboo plywood is not an easy task. Make a point to select such a manufacturer or supplier who you can depend on and will procure the best material only. It will be an added advantage if the product is delivered at your doorstep. You can select such online or even talk to people who have got the best quality of bamboo plywood from reliable sources and only then make a purchase.

Everything You Ought to Know About Bamboo Plywood