How to Choose and Buy Good Bamboo Veneer

With the application of bamboo veneer for housing, people have higher request for its quality. However, people have no idea on how to choose good bamboo veneer as they know nothing about its manufacturing process. Here introduces several ways to help you choose and buy good bamboo veneer.

1. Manufacturers

It is difficult to judge its quality at first sight from the appearance of bamboo veneer, most of the defects are exposed in use, then we can only have correct judgment after using. So it is necessary to choose bamboo veneer which is made by manufacturer with skillful technology and good reputation.

2. Materials

Compared to ordinary bamboo fibers, the genuine moso bamboo has more advantages, such as hard & dense, high strength, good toughness, easy to demould, good waterproof performance and small thermal conductivity. For freshman, it will be better to go to factory for on-the-spot investigation, then you will know which kind of bamboo they use.

3. Moisture content

There is different standard for the moisture content of bamboo veneer according to the different climate and humidness in different regions. Once the bamboo veneer is affected by moisture, the bamboo veneer will turn blank and lose its luster. So the moisture content must be controlled reasonably in different regions.

4. Gluing technology

Bamboo veneer is made through gluing technology under high temperature and high pressure. There is strict testing standard for the temperature, pressure and gluing technology, some manufacturers cheating on workmanship and materials for reducing cost, and the final products will be glue failure easily.

5. Lacquer drenching

As the bamboo veneer is green product, there are many pores in the surface of bamboo veneer, then it is necessary to have lacquer drenching for the 6 surfaces. Then it can prevent from warping.

How to Choose and Buy Good Bamboo Veneer